Netflix tapped the original story of one of the music industry’s biggest startup hits for an upcoming untitled original series. The series will tell a “fictional account” of Spotify’s co-founders, including head of department Daniel Ek.

The six-part series – which is already listed on netflix, although with limited information – will draw from authors Jonas Leijonhufvud and Sven Carlsson, who documents the rise of Spotify under Ek and its business partner Martin Lorentzon, according to Variety. The book is said to have drawn from “over seventy interviews, plus previously untapped sources” to a “David vs. Goliath story about how strong beliefs, relentless willpower, and big dreams can help little players face the Titans of technology “.

Variety reports that the series chose Swedish actors Edvin Endre as Ek and Christian Hillborg as the fictional character of Lorentzon. It is not known if a figure similar to Steve Jobs will appear in the film, although it is certainly possible. Spotify Unpublished covers the seemingly endless battle between Spotify and Apple, and Jobs presents in the book’s account of Apple’s reluctance to launch Spotify in the United States. As the authors themselves feel their information about Jobs was central to the book’s narrative, it would be a shame to leave this thread out of the series.

Netflix refused to confirm The edge whether a character from Jobs would appear in the series. But speaking of the book in 2019, Carlsson said Variety that “we both got an adrenaline rush when we disclosed the details of the conflict between Apple and Spotify. After several months of research, we were finally able to explain how Jobs actively worked to oppose the establishment of Spotify in the United States, and what he may have thought. It gave the story an edge.

Plus, nothing is more dramatic than a tech titan producing a “fictional” series about another’s messy origin story. Show us fake Jobs, already Netflix!

The show will arrive on Netflix in 2022.


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