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This week, Netflix confirmed that its new imaginary series is underway at Spotify, and the exhibition is scheduled to be available worldwide in 2022.

Cast the expected series has also been revealed: The Vikings Actor Edvin Endre is Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek and Ulf Stenberg Beartown plays Per Sundin, former CEO of Universal Music Sweden and early supporter of Spotify.

Also catalog, Gizem Erdogan / Love and anarchy starring Petra Hansson, one of Spotify’s freemium model architects; Joel Lützow Goose’s mother plays former Spotify chief technology officer Andreas Ehn; and Christian Hillborg The last kingdom appears as Martin Lorentzon, founder of Spotify.

Starting point The story of the story is probably familiar: A small Swedish startup is launching a popular app that catches the anger of Big Tech companies.

By Engadget, the imaginary series was inspired by the book Spotify Untold, by Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud, which also details Spotify’s ongoing conflict with rival Apple, which may also appear in the Netflix series.

Fingers crossed The Netflix series reaches its full potential and brings another hit similar to a Facebook-inspired movie Social network.

[via Engadget, cover image via Wikimedia Commons]



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