• Representative Steve Cohen, a Jewish Democrat from Tennessee, said he appreciated Representative Greene’s apology.
  • At a press conference, Greene distanced herself from comparing mask warrants and Holocaust vaccine cards.
  • Still, she said the mask warrants were discriminatory and compared the Democrats to Hitler’s National Socialist Party.
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Democratic Representative Steve Cohen told CNN Monday that he was happy that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene visited the Holocaust museum and apologized for her comparisons between mask warrants and vaccination cards with the Holocaust.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene held a press conference Monday, apologizing for his comments over the past few weeks comparing vaccine documentation and hide mandates to Jews being required to wear yellow stars during the Holocaust.

“There is nothing like the Holocaust,” Greene said outside the Holocaust museum.

But, after Greene doubled down on other controversial remarks during that same press conference, Cohen, who is Jewish, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that it seemed she “hadn’t learned much. “of his visit.

During a brief question and answer period, Greene said she maintained that the mask warrants were “a form of discrimination.” At the end of his lecture, Greene stated that the policies of the Democratic Party are related to Hitler’s National Socialist Party.

“The Nazis were talking about anti-Semitism, they wanted to kill all the Jewish people, they were talking about prejudice, and that’s not what the Democratic Party is for,” Cohen said. “It didn’t seem to come from the heart.”


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