I am happy to share with you the latest StarWind news in March 2015.

1. Free webinar “Scale freely: no hardware locking”

March 25 at 11 PT / 14 ET

Speaker: Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.

Scaling has become a technology to meet the ever-increasing demands on storage capacity. Unlike scaling, it allows scaling horizontally. However, it also has some caveats. In most cases, you will need to stick to certain hardware that does not have settings or limited configuration options, which will take costs and effort. You only have to follow one scenario – “compute and save separated” or “hyper-converged”, which essentially kills the idea of ​​flexibility. The starting price is also a problem because most vendors sell at least 3 hosts, even if you only need 2 for your environment.

Join Max Kolomyeytsev to learn how to avoid these benefits and benefit from:
– Scale and zoom without locking the hardware
– Scale ALL with a hypervisor
– Support for separate and hyper-combined calculation and storage scenarios simultaneously
– Asymmetric scaling

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2. Tap Room Meeting: No Irish handcuffs Windows Server Solutions with StarWind Virtual SAN

Tap_room brief

March 19 at 11 PT / 14 pm ET

Host: Anatoly Vilchinskiy, Head of Support, StarWind Software Inc.

Sometimes IT cocktails taste much better than clean drinks. A few examples: Arak Typhoon has a better aftertaste compared to pure raki. The Moscow mule gets results much faster than pure vodka. Windows Server can be cheaper and more efficient when it comes to speed StarWind.

The only faucet room where no one really eats your peanuts, book your table below:

Virtualize responsibly!


– Charbel


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