What is it like that your fellow students want to take pictures with you because you are famous? How does voting feel for the sixth grade’s most popular, best eye, brightest future, and every other class?

Mads Lewis knows how it feels. He came to the scene while he was still in high school, and hasn’t slowed down since.

Lewis is a TikTok star with over 12 million followers on the platform.

His success happened quickly.

He said, “It literally happened a week after I started posting on Musical.ly. The first video I ever made was with a friend and the next one said he told me it exploded. And I was like, ‘What “Why did so many people look at it? ‘

As he became more popular, he experienced anger that must be treated by all great perpetrators.

Lewis said, “People would put rubber in my hair or throw food at me. When I was in sixth grade, I was friends with everyone and I sat with everyone for lunch. But in eight grades, it was just me, my sister, her best friend, and my brother.”

He decided to take his high school online and moved to LA to look for his dreams.

He began moving his audience to other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, to expand his coverage.

Soon, he reported an average of two million views per video on YouTube.

What is his secret to a viral infection? Lewis said: “Most of the platforms are interest-based algorithms. I can say that those who like comedy, dance, fashion and teenage news will probably find me on the For You page. Most people are trying to reach FYP (For You Page). ) page, and if the video is successful, it will likely be shown to more people when it is identified as an ascending video.

His process of creating content is pretty simple. Lewis explained, “When I create content, usually just a wing. But I follow a lot of trends like: dance trends, transition trends, etc. I also read about my dedication (my faith) to giving messages to my supporters. And I want to make videos that look like a normal day in my life.”

His advice to his fans who want to follow in his footsteps is, “If you think it’s fun, post it. Don’t doubt yourself. Be confident.”

In addition to her creative work, she has focused on singing and acting: A trend that is popular with creators as they want to expand beyond social media platforms.

Lewis hopes to open a restaurant one day. He said, “I’m not going to give too many thoughts, but I’ll let you know that it’s going to be a hit! Have you ever wanted to go to a superfancy restaurant in your pajamas? Or not such a fancy restaurant made of a tie or dress? Maybe you want to go there after a prom. Stay on the channel! “

If he ever opens a restaurant, you can be sure that an army of his dedicated followers will be held around the block.



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