Pictures Thomas J. Stevens and on display with permission

Without it red and yellow monogram, how else do you know to stop a quick bite?

Whenever the brand renewing his logo, there is always one reviewer who criticizes it without logic. However, evolution is necessary, and these concepts are a brand expert Thomas J. Stevens prove it.

Imagine how the products and packaging of world-famous companies would have appeared if they had never gathered the courage to brand, Stevens visualizes the products of these brands with the first logos. The original brands presented in this way are blatantly outdated – illegible and unsuitable for modern screens from scratches.

Stevens emphasizes that the elements that make today’s brands so successful are that they are memorable, versatile, simple and scalable. There is no way Apple could have designed these MacBooks with illuminated logos if it had retained a detailed image of Isaac Newton. Nor would a Starbucks siren call your name with a blurred face.

Brand expert thinks these mockups can help advertisers who have had difficulty convincing customers to redesign their brand identity. Stevens also offers great branding advice on Instagram that you should check out here.

Pictures Thomas J. Stevens and on display with permission

Picture Thomas J. Stevens and on display with permission

[via Creative Bloq, images by Thomas J. Stevens and featured with permission]



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