E3 gaming announcements are flying fast this week. But if you’re looking for more than the latest console news, check out Arcade1Up’s latest cabinet line. Of a blue Street Fighter II renovating machine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there is a bit of everything and a lot of Wi-Fi.

In total, Acarde1Up announced three new machines and gave us more details for a fourth. The first three cabinets cover street fighter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and one Mrs. Pac-Man / Galaga split machine. Along with this, Arcade1Up gave us more details for the previously announced X Men cabinet.

It’s fighting, it’s blue, it’s also online multiplayer

A blue machine 'Street Fighter II'

The first cabinet in the range is a new Street Fighter II Big blue arcade machine and he lives us up to the name. It’s a totally different look from other Arcade1Up cabinets, much narrower and more angular. And very blue.

You also find a lot of games to play, this cabinet packs Street Fighter II: Championship Edition, Street Fighter II ‘Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Darkstalkers, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge, Darkstalkers 3, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Knights of the Round, Eco Fighters , Capcom Sports Club, and Duo of muscular bombers. That’s 12 games instead of the usual three out of four you’ll find on many Arcade1Up machines.

As is becoming the norm for the company, this cabinet includes a custom riser, lighted marquee and transparent deck protector. But besides the unusual design, the real feature that separates it from the previous ones street fighter inputs is the Wi-Fi. With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect to other machines and play online. Multiplayer is free, with no subscription required.

You can pre-order the Street Fighter II Big blue arcade machine on July 1, and Arcade1Up will announce pricing closer to launch.

A shocking return from Shell

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade machine

the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, with updated illustrations and features in a new Turtles in time cabinet. Like a previous incarnation of this cabinet, this machine hosts two games—Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Turtles in time. But you get all the new machine modeled artwork created for this latest game.

And as a step forward from the first TMNT cabinet, you get a lighted bridge and a marquee. This is something the original didn’t have, and people turned to aftermarket mods to add them. It’s more like an arcade machine too, thanks to a molded coin purse on the front. Of course, no quarter is required to play.

And although this device has controls for four players, you can play with people even when no one is around. This is thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to connect to others Turtles in time Machines.

You can pre-order Turtles in time on July 1, and Arcade1Up will announce pricing closer to launch.

A classic twist on retro games

A machine with 'Ms.  Pac-Man 'art on the left and' Galaga 'art on the right

The final machine today is a two-in-one design. Usually Arcade1Up cabinets follow the original appearance of a particular game on a cabinet. So the Burgers time cabinet with other games in addition Burgers time.

But the Mrs PAC-MAN / GALAGA Arcade machine class ’81 goes for a double look. Like other retro machines in the Arcade1Up, here you will find many games from the past. You will of course find the games mentioned above, as well as GALAGA ’88, GALAXIEN, DIG DUG, DIG DUG ™ II, MAPPY, RALLY-X, ROLLING THUNDER, BARBOTS, TOUR DE DRUAGA, and KING AND BALLOON. This brings the total to 12 games.

But you will have a Mrs. Pac-Man look on the left side and a Galaga drawing on the right. Even the front features artwork from both games, and the personalized matches of course.

You can pre-order the Mrs PAC-MAN / GALAGA Arcade machine class ’81 through August, and Arcade1Up will announce pricing closer to launch.

More details on X MEN

An arcade machine

Last January, Arcade1Up announced an impressive range of retro games including a new X Men 4 player arcade machine, but details were scarce. We knew it would include both the iconic X Men four player game with VSAptain America and The Avengers and The Avengers in Galactic Storm. But not much else.

We now know that it comes with Wi-Fi so you can play online with friends. And a pre-order date. You can pre-order the X-Men Four Player Machine July 15, with a price announcement closer to this time.


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