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I am happy to share the latest news with you StarWind for April 2015.

1. Tap Room Meeting: VMware and StarWind Virtual SAN: From Two to Infinity and Beyond

Date: 2 April at 11 am ET / 16 pm BST

Host: Anatoly Vilchinskiy, Head of Support, StarWind Software Inc.

Put all the cards on the table: VMware is good, their VSAN is good. But is it good in all situations? Lift yourself into the most comfortable chair in Tap Room, open a bottle of whiskey, and our host will tell you why it’s better to start with two shots instead of hiding the whole bottle.

* The only faucet room where no one will grab your cocktails if you leave it on the table.

Virtualize properly!

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2. Free webinar! Critical SQL Server Databases: Give HA SQL Server Failover Clustering and Cluster Shared Volumes to HA

April 15Webinar

Date: April 15, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET

Speakers: Edwind Sarmiento, Microsoft SQL Server MVP and Microsoft Certified Master

Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.

Easily accessible SQL Server and reliable Emergency Recovery are traditionally difficult to achieve, but it is essential. We say that it is possible to build a completely redundant SQL Server 2014 cluster with only two servers, StarWind Virtual SAN and Cluster Shared volumes while performing Emergency Recovery to multiple locations with minimal RTO and RPO!
Join SQL Server MVP and Microsoft Certified Manager Edwin M Sarmiento to learn how to use Windows Server Failover Clustering with Cluster Shared Volumes to provide high availability and emergency recovery solutions for mission-critical SQL Server 2014 databases.
We’ll look at how well available SQL Server can be configured on top of shared volumes in a cluster, and we’ll also discuss best practices and recommendations.

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3. Free webinar! Make your storage work: VAAI and ODX load up to 30% of disk space to the SAN


Date: April 21 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET

Tannoy: Aidan Finn, Microsoft MVP, Technical Sales Director, MicroWarehouse Ltd.
Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.

StarWind Virtual storage systems are always considered valuable in terms of usability, performance and flexibility – take one out and the system is useless. Hypervisor CPU and networking overhead is a common problem for operations such as preparing, migrating, and cloning virtual machines. There should be a way to improve performance by unloading unnecessary CPU load and shrinking SAN traffic. The ODX and VAAI features do just that by loading routine disk tasks into a storage group so that they can be performed more efficiently. That is, if the SAN supports one of these features. StarWind A virtual SAN does both – just by saying.

Join Aidan Finn and Max Kolomyeytsev for this webinar dedicated to the use of downloaded data transfer (ODX) and application programming interfaces (Array Integration, VAAI). They explain exactly how you can significantly improve storage system performance and increase virtual machine density with Hyper-V and vSphere.

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4. Win the full Microsoft Ignite 2015 conference passport!


Participate or register for anything StarWind Awebinar or #TapRoom Meeting until April 16 and you can order the full Microsoft conference pass A# Ignite 2015!

The winner will be announced at StarWind blogand so on Facebook and Twitter pages on April 20!

5. Meet StarWind in MS #Ignite 2015!


Ask for the opportunity to schedule a face-to-face meeting with Anton Kolomyeytsev, StarWind founder and chief technology officer, or Joseph Preston, sales director at Microsoft Ignite 2015.


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