Picture through Apple

There was oblique Mac, and it walked obliquely for miles.

Apple can be proud of some of the settlement packaging matters sending iPhones in flatter boxes, but a new problem may have gone unnoticed by the technology giant. With the much larger, more colorful M1 iMacs now added to the delivery process, some customers have found that their tripods are a bit crooked, making the screens look crooked as well.

As reported MacRumors, there are a few complaints floating around with the bracket slightly trim. YouTuber iPhonedo also uploaded a video showing his asymmetrical iMac with a ruler.

MacRumors more that the fasteners do not appear to be repairable by users.

Although some the differences are as marginal as 1 mm, the difference can be especially confusing when you stare at the screen for hours. Given Apple’s position on aesthetic perfection, this design irritation also ruins the feathers of long-term users.

So far away, this problem seems to affect a small number of iMacs, but it’s something that Apple needs to address immediately or it could end up on a slippery slope in the long run.

[via MacRumors, cover image via Apple]



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