YouTube has announced new restrictions on its display of Masthead ads to reduce exposure to certain types of content in the app.

As reported Axios, YouTube will stop accepting masthead ads from a variety of industries, including alcohol, gambling, prescription drugs, and election and political ads.

As per Axios:

“From Monday, advertisements containing all gambling-related content offline or online, including sports betting and casino games, will also be banned. , prohibited. Political advertisements, such as broadcast advertisements, are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. “

This reduces the reach of these campaigns through this particular ad unit, which, due to the nature of Masthead offers, can affect in many ways.

As it sounds, Masthead ad units takes the top of the YouTube app screen by providing significant brand visibility through premium placement.

YouTube also offered Masthead ads on connected TVs back in 2019, which offers an even wider reach – especially given The number of TV viewers connected to YouTube continues to grow.

YouTube masthead ad

It has made ad units the most sought-after option – but YouTube has also found that its visibility has made it a key focus for those who want to make a statement before the upcoming vote or election. Which, because of the potential for exposure, could give it abuse.

The ads first came into question last year, then in the United States President Donald Trump bought a mast opening throughout the two days preceding election day, as well as election day itself.

Trump Masthead ads

As you can see, it offered the Trump campaign a significant exposure advantage in the app, while potentially matching YouTube with the campaign itself from an optics standpoint. As a result, YouTube stopped bookings for masthead ads all day in particular by offering a wider possibility to use the alternative, as opposed to a single dominant player. Also YouTube stopped running political ads In the United States for the past year, in order to avoid a possible promotion of unrest in the midst of performance issues.

This new change further highlights the potential risks that YouTube sees in providing such extensive exposure to it. 2 billion users, and while most YouTube advertisers will not be affected by the change (Masthead ads cost approx $ 2 million a day New York times), it is a major update in the YouTube process, highlighting the growing concern for social impact through its app.


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