A premium version of Ubuntu is now available for Google Cloud users looking for a secure DevOps environment with bug fixes and updates for 10 years.

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Canonical’s Ubuntu Pro is making its debut in another cloud-based service. On Monday, Canonical and Google announced Ubuntu Pro availability for all Google Cloud users. For business developers and administrators, the premium version of Ubuntu Pro provides a secure DevOps environment with immediate security patch, 10 years of support, and compliance with regulated applications and loads.

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Canonical has been offering Ubuntu for Google Cloud since 2014. But the pro version of Ubuntu has also been available from two other major cloud providers, namely Amazon online services and Microsoft Azure. Through Ubuntu Pro, cloud users will have a safer, harder and more cost – effective environment to promote the deployment and development of cloud services.

“Enterprise customers are increasingly deploying Google Cloud to run their business-critical and customer-centric applications,” Google Cloud Compute vice president and GM June Yang said in a press release. “The availability of Ubuntu Pro from Google Cloud provides our enterprise customers with the additional security and compliance services required for their mission-critical workload.”

In addition to providing standard Ubuntu features and components, Ubuntu Pro provides a number of value-added services to enterprise customers through Google Cloud, including:

  • Fixing High and Critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) in Ubuntu’s extensive repository covering more than 30,000 packages, including Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, and Apache Kafka.
  • Live kernel repair gives virtual machine instances tighter security and better uptime.
  • A 10 year commitment long-term support for maintenance and security fixes. This schedule applies to Ubuntu Pro 18.04 LTS or later; Ubuntu Pro 16.04 LTS has a maintenance period of eight years.
  • Certified components that support operating environments in accordance with compliance regulations, such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and ISO.
  • Several features planned for the second half of 2020, including certified FIPS 140-2 components, the Security Command Center Security Center, and Managed Apps.

“We needed more time to test and transfer your Ubuntu 16.04 LTS load comprehensively to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, which would mean exceeding the normal maintenance times for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS,” Kartik Gupta, Gojek’s CI / CD and FinOps design manager at the technology company, said in a press release. “With Ubuntu Pro in Google Cloud, we can now postpone this, and by moving our 16.04 load to Ubuntu Pro, we will benefit from its live kernel patch and better protection for open source components.”

Google Cloud customers can purchase Ubuntu Pro directly through the GCP console or the Google Cloud Marketplace. The total cost includes the license fee for premium Ubuntu Pro images as well as the regular cost of the virtual machine.

the total cost of the license is a combination of RAM / GB / hour cost plus virtual CPU hourly cost. Using Ubuntu Pro is 3-4% of your average computing cost, according to Google, which means that the more computing resources you spend, the lower the percentage you pay for Ubuntu Pro.

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