Gaming peripherals company Turtle Beach announced at E3 2021 that it is embarking on a new product category: flight simulation hardware. The company is launching the VelocityOne Flight system for $ 350, and it is compatible with PC and Xbox consoles via USB. And, for a first effort in this competitive space, this seems like a very comprehensive offering and decent value if you like to gamble. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

The VelocityOne Flight was designed in collaboration with aeronautical engineers and pilots to provide a realistic flight experience. It features a 180 degree yoke grip with rear rudder controls for easy access. To its right is a modular throttle quadrant with an integrated trim wheel, as well as vernier and lever controls (with interchangeable tops for propeller and jet aircraft). Overall, Turtle Beach claims the VelocityOne Flight has 12 analog axes, two POV switches, two four-way HAT switches, and 18 additional buttons that can be mapped to your liking.

In addition to the controls, this hardware includes a 3.5mm jack on the left side for private listening. To deepen the immersion (and avoid having to press multiple buttons when you just want to fly and relax), the yoke has a screen that can show statistics such as flight time, time at destination, etc. There is a panel which can display other indicators, such as real-time alerts, landing lights, landing gear, etc. (although Turtle Beach says some of these features will be added later through software and firmware updates). This material does not include force feedback or rumble.

Zoom in on the POV and HAT switches.

CEO Juergen Stark said in a press release that the hardware “provides everything a new pilot needs, as well as the capabilities and features that avid flying enthusiasts are looking for.” In case you’re curious, Turtle Beach says this hardware will work with other flight simulators – not just the latest from Microsoft which is now available on PC and coming later to console on July 27. This material has a targeted release window for the summer.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

The company is also launching its first traditional controller for the Xbox Series X / S called Recon Controller. It’s an intimidating-looking $ 60 wired model, and what makes it special are its audio chops. If you plug a headset into its 3.5mm jack, you can enable mic monitoring and swap audio presets to change the sound of your game. You will also have the option of using Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing feature as you go. It’s usually found in its own headsets, which amplifies easy-to-miss sounds that might give you the edge in a game. There are also knobs to adjust the game and chat audio mixes.

Additionally, the sensitivity of the analog sticks can be changed and different profiles can be saved to one of the controller’s mappable quick-action buttons on the back. Its directional pad supports eight-way input, and its 10-foot braided cable is connected via USB-C to the controller. It will also be released this summer.


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