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It’s Daily Crunch time for Monday June 14th. I will replace Alexander Guillaume while he’s enjoying his time away from the news cycle – so I don’t have to stand for jury duty.

Big news today! We launched the Nubank EC-1, an in-depth look at one of the biggest startups in the world. More information on this below.

And have you heard that TechCrunch recently launched a new podcast? On “Found”, Darrell Etherington and Jordan Crook interview a startup founder every week about the ins and outs and the ups and downs of building a business. In the last episode, the pair spoke to Cory Siskind, founder of Base Operations, which earlier this year raised $ 2.2 million in seed funding to capitalize on its recent launch of a street-level threat mapping platform to use to support operations corporate security. To subscribe to “Found »on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or the your podcast app of choice.


The Top 3 TechCrunch

  • Mental models and multitasking improvements: TechCrunch boss Matthew Panzarino had time with Apple executives last week after WWDC to talk about the new iPad. Version 15 has a lot of expectations, especially new multitasking features.
  • You get a Google workspace and you get a Google workspace! The company announced today that Workspace, which was previously called G Suite, is open to everyone. Check for updates to all your favorite Google products (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Chat, etc.) that might be shocking at first – until you forget what your Google life was like and welcome your new Google packaging with open weapon.
  • Band ID: Stripe launched Stripe Identity today. Businesses can use the self-service tool to verify user identities, while Stripe manages customer data in an encrypted format using computer vision and machine learning to ‘read’ and do match government IDs with live selfies. Developers can request access here, and Discord, Peerspace and Shippo are already in the action.

Startups and VC

  • The Pill Club raises: The Birth Control Prescribing and Delivery Service announced that it has raised a $ 41.9 million Series B extension led by Base 10. The startup, led by former Uber executive Liz Meyerdirk , who took over in January, has achieved record revenues, exceeding $ 100 million annually. for the first time in four years of history. Other investors in the round include GV and Shasta Ventures, as well as new additions Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and George Ruan of Honey.
  • Solve the SaaS tax: Taxes are tough. Anrok exists to make them a little less painful for SaaS companies that are making their way around the world. Anorak has raised $ 4.3 million to provide expert assistance to modern businesses that must overcome tax complexities to do business.
  • $ 6.8 million for fraud protection: Tel Aviv-based nSure AI has raised its hand to detect fraud for high-risk digital goods, such as e-gift cards, airline tickets, software and games. The company’s AI risk engine leverages deep learning techniques to accurately identify fraudulent transactions.

How contrarian hires and a pitch deck launched Nubank’s $ 30 billion fintech empire

Founded in 2013 and based in São Paulo, Brazil, Nubank serves more than 34 million customers, making it the largest neobank in Latin America.

Journalist Marcella McCarthy spoke to CEO David Velez to learn more about his efforts to connect with consumers and overcome stubborn opposition from established players who were friendly with regulators.

In the first of a series of stories, she interviewed Velez about her early fundraising efforts. For a balanced outlook, she also spoke to Nubank’s early investors at Sequoia and Kaszek Ventures, Latin America’s largest venture capital fund, to find out why they funded the startup while it was still in existence. a pre-product.

“There are people you meet in life who, from the first hour of meeting them, know you want to work with them,” said Doug Leone, a global managing partner at Sequoia who recruited Velez after graduating. his graduate degree. at Stanford.

Marcella also interviewed members of the founding team of Nubank to better understand why they decided to try their luck in a startup that had such a long chance of success.

“I left the bank to earn a fifth of my salary, and at the time, about $ 5,000 in equity,” said Vitor Olivier, vice president of operations and platforms at Nubank.

“Financially, it didn’t really make sense, so I really had to believe it was going to really work, and that it would be huge. “

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Big Tech Inc.

The Supreme Court has gave LinkedIn another chance To prevent a rival company from extracting personal information from users’ public profiles, a practice according to LinkedIn should be illegal but which could have wide ramifications for Internet researchers and archivists.

Battery recycling startup Redwood Materials, founded by former Tesla CTO JB Straubel, bought 100 acres of land near the Gigafactory that Panasonic operates with Tesla in Sparks, Nevada. The company tries to create a circular supply chain by collecting waste from consumer electronics companies and battery manufacturers, processing these discarded products by mining materials like cobalt, nickel and lithium which are usually checked out and then sending them back to Panasonic and other customers.

the first and last fully virtual E3 Game night kicked off today, with announcements from Microsoft, Square Enix, and Ubisoft.

And to wrap up today, we have a review for you. Beats Studio Buds are a compact, noise-canceling, and somewhat affordable alternative to AirPods.

TechCrunch Experts: Growth Marketing

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With the rollout of our Experts project, we are excited about the increase in the number of guest columns we have received in the Growth Marketing category. Today we have a guest column from Hunter Jensen, “The disappearance of browser cookies could create a golden age of digital marketing. “

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