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Upcoming webinar! VMware and fault tolerance. What is better for backup 2 or 3 nodes that are hyperconverged?

Storage replication helps achieve Virtual Machine # fault tolerance in a virtualized environment. Because the goal of any administrator is to maintain 24/7 functionality with at least 99.99% uptime, #StarWind makes it possible with a low-cost 2-node HA configuration. But most importantly, you can achieve 99.9999% uptime with the StarWind 3-Node HA configuration. Due to synchronous replication, your hyperlinked architecture will still work even if 2 of the three nodes fail. Add a solid 3-2-1 # backup rule and enjoy top-notch reliability.
Join a webinar and learn how to achieve fault tolerance in your #VMware environment. Find out which replication setting, 2-Node or 3-Node, is better suited to the specific needs of a virtualized architecture.

Register now http://bit.ly/1kwoaQT

Recorded Webinar “Complete hyperconverged infrastructure in one package ”

The webinar explains how to create your own easy-to-use virtualized infrastructure and deploy the virtualization infrastructure with the necessary software and hardware components. Check it out here!

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