1. Webinar! Snapshots VS Replication

Choose the right privacy strategy
20 May 11.00 ET / 16.00 BST
Tannoy: Chris M.Evans, Independent Consultant, Langton Blue Ltd.
Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.

Both snapshots and replication are an important part of any privacy strategy. It is important to know when and why each method should be used. In this webinar, we will discuss the pros and cons of both replication and snapshots and highlight when each technology will be used to implement a silly data protection system.
You will learn:

· How do snapshots and replication work in a virtual server environment?

· How can snapshots be restored on site quickly?

· How to use replication for external privacy?

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2. 2-node VM storage for free StarWind


Wanted: AHyper-V and AVMware Administrator!

· With no physical shared storage for virtual machines and no money to buy it

· Fight deploy the cluster around the clock without spending money and have always his boss in a hurry

· Looks tired and irritated on small budgets, if given at all

· Riding with laboratories, testing and development work, SMEs or ROBO for a living Location – IT departments, remote offices, etc.

Prize: StarWind Virtual SAN Free, software that creates fault – tolerant virtual machine storage on existing hardware starting with only two physical hosts using a hypervisor. Features include free distribution, unlimited scaling capabilities, unlimited capacity, allowed production use and unlimited working hours.

Assembly price: $ 00.00 million

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3. New technical documents:

· StarWind Virtual SAN® VAS (vStorage API for Array Integration) Configuration and Performance Guide

· StarWind Virtual SAN® ODX (Non-Downloaded Data Transfer) Configuration and Performance Tuning Guide

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/ Charbel


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