Managing SaaS costs is an important issue for many companies, especially companies that have no experience with it. The introduction of SaaS products is no longer a novelty – cloud-based products such as SaaS are now part of everyday business and growing. We have already discussed software as a service, sen different types, and it is features before – now Let ‘s look at the SaaS business perspective.

New entrants can often be surprised by an unknown pricing model or certain costs. The critical factor is that companies should be aware of the bills they may receive and not be surprised by fluctuating usage-based prices. To avoid this surprise and ensure good SaaS cost control, companies can follow a few basic strategies.

Find out if SaaS is right for you

“Is a SaaS solution right for my business?” “Does my business really need SaaS?” are questions you should preferably ask yourself before deploying cloud services. Sometimes companies are forced to use technology they don’t fully understand or need, make unnecessary mistakes, or waste valuable time and resources. Do enough research on whether SaaS deployment is right for your business or can make a difference.

If the SaaS makes or can make a change, go for it. Find the right solution among the many offers on the market – get help from expert consultants and evaluators if necessary. Finding the right solution can make a significant difference in controlling SaaS costs.

SaaS cost management through integrated services

Many companies use similar or duplicate tools and services for the same tasks and pay for them all. For example, there are many SaaS-based email providers around. What should your business use? Which product can provide other services with the same umbrella? Are they all effective? You must identify the corresponding services and combine or delete them if necessary.

There are other benefits to combining SaaS services. One of them is standardization everywhere. This standardization also leads to effective communication and use of resources within your team. The use of standardized platforms can also lead to minor security breaches.

Effective monitoring of the SaaS system

It’s not enough to just implement SaaS solutions and use them carelessly. Effective SaaS management includes timely monitoring of solutions to determine whether goals are being achieved or changes are being made. In addition, the detection of threats is also the goal of monitoring. Depending on the nature of the SaaS service, there are many monitoring tools on the market – often they are also part of the SaaS package.

VEXXHOST cloud services for SaaS

SaaS is a very useful model for users and service providers. If all SaaS cost management and security best practices are met, it can be a great tool for business success. Companies will be able to focus on the things they do best when the software service is offered to them at a reasonable price. SaaS providers and companies often need cloud services to support their operations, and VEXXHOST clouds come there. OpenStack based public and private clouds are inexpensive choices for many of our customers due to their highly scalable and secure nature.

Speaking private clouds, you can now operate in a fully agile and custom cloud from VEXXHOST without license fees and a smooth 2 – week transfer. In fact, we are willing to invest our money where our mouth is. We are so confident that we will be able to save at least 20% or more of your current cloud infrastructure costs that if it turns out to be wrong, we will give you a $ 1,000 refund for our public cloud service.

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