Pinterest has launched a new virtual test drive announcement experience with Volkswagen, which could also introduce a new, exciting advertising option for car brands on the platform.

As part of the new Volkswagen ID.4 e campaignlectric SUV, Volkswagen uses a new, interactive, car experience that can be activated from its Promoted Pin series.

Tap the “See More” prompt at the bottom of the pin and you’ll be taken to a 360-degree interactive view that lets you look around inside the car while it’s driving.

Pinterest ID.4 campaign

It’s a first-class integration for Pinterest, based on immersive, AR-like experiences that will eventually become commonplace in all types of e-commerce and online product discovery. In addition to this, Pinterest will continue the promotion by partnering with selected Pinterest creators who will transport consumers through the car’s personal favorite features, enhance exposure and connectivity in the app.

It’s an interesting development for Pinterest on two fronts. First, and as noted, the campaign will build on enhanced virtual experiences that will increasingly become part of e-commerce as platforms seek to merge in stores and online shopping wherever they can. E-commerce is not the same as being able to touch and feel – or test – the product itself, and it never will be, but with the new developments in AR and VR, we could be close in many ways. And as these tools evolve, it becomes an expectation over time.

It is also interesting to note that Pinterest seeks to facilitate commercial arrangements with content providers by providing paid advertising opportunities to platform influencers. Every social app tries to find the best ways to provide commercialization opportunities to their best content providers to keep them in line with their platforms. This could be another way for Pinterest to develop its own program so that its best stars can generate additional revenue from their presence.

And while car brands may find it a little unusual to look for Pinterest for such campaigns, statistics show that Pinners are increasingly looking to explore cars in the app.

According to Pinterest, 8 million Pinners are actively involved in automated content every month, while and one in three Pinterest users are excited to buy cars you weren’t even looking for, ‘’ through pins. Previous Pinterest research has also shown that Pinners are 28% more likely to buy a new vehicle than non-Pinnars in the first 90 days of release, and 31% more likely to buy a new SUV model after a new release.

In addition to this, Pinners are also 55% more likely to be concerned about their personal carbon footprint than people who are not on the platform.

The numbers highlight the expanded use of Pinterest by reaching out to specific markets and audiences, even ones you may not have considered. It may well give the platform a new look from your campaigns.


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