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I’m happy to share with you the version just released by Microsoft Storage Design Consideration Guide and Software-defined storage planning calculator.

Software-defined storage planning calculator The purpose of the (SDS) table is to design a storage solution that uses Storage Spaces and Scale-Out File Server features based on Windows Server 2012 R2, as well as cost-effective servers and shared SCSI (SAS) storage enclosures (JBODs).

Figure 1 – Software-defined storage architecture that uses storage spaces with shared SAS storage enclosures (Image Credit: Microsoft).

This spreadsheet combines best-in-class design workflow and computing with deployment and configuration best practices, allowing users to design a flexible and high-performance software-defined storage solution. The spreadsheet utilizes predefined solution models (including small, medium, and large deployments) that can then be adjusted to meet specific solution requirements and available hardware available from the Storage Spaces solutions provider.

NEW!  Storage Design Consideration Guide and Software - Based Storage Design Calculator 2

Picture 2 – Spreadsheet QuickDesign table (Image Credit: Microsoft).

NEW!  Storage Design Consideration Guide and Software-Based Storage Design Calculator 3

Picture 3 – Spreadsheet AdvancedDesign table (Image Credit: Microsoft).

For more information about best practices for designing storage spaces using a spreadsheet, see the article Software-defined storage design considerations. And for more information on storage modes, see Storage overview.




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