By name PowerShell HelpWriter is designed for writing and editing Windows PowerShell help files.

SAPIEN Technologies has added a new product to its product portfolio called PowerShell HelpWriter 2015, which allows you to create and edit Windows PowerShell XML help files for all types of commands, including cmdlets, functions, workflows, and CIM commands.

The PowerShell HelpWriter XML Editor is a complete XML editor – not just a reader.

The installation is straight forward.

Accept Terms and License Agreement


You can choose Custom and select the feature to install.



Hit Install


The installation should be completed fairly quickly.


Start PowerShell HelpWriter


Next, select a new one and create a new help file from an existing module or a new help file. I will use an existing module that already has comment-based help.


I choose, of course Hyper-V Moment and hit To take



Here are the complete help files for the Hyper-V module and the examples have been exported, you can start creating your own help files or edit existing XML help files!


Key features
  • Create help files from modules

    No need to start from scratch. PowerShell HelpWriter analyzes the module and creates startup help files that match the cmdlet code.

  • Focus on examples

    The PowerShell HelpWriter designer includes an environment specifically designed for writing examples, and a customizable prompt and a solitary font for print formatting.

  • Get the details right

    PowerShell HelpWriter makes it easy for even advanced readers to include detailed information.

  • Get help!

    You can test help files as you work, validate them, and run them in Windows PowerShell.

  • Edit in XML format

    Whenever you need it, you can view or edit the help file in the built-in XML editor. The PowerShell HelpWriter XML Editor is a complete XML editor – not just a reader.

  • Complete help editor interface

    Includes a dynamic editor to guide you in writing complete and accurate help topics for all your commands.

  • The help corresponds to the code

    PowerShell Help Writer creates a startup help topic from any type of command code, including individual commands and commands in the module. There is no need to determine the values, inputs, or outputs of a cmdlet attribute or parameter attribute. And help always matches the code.

  • Create help files from scratch

    With the PowerShell Help Writer, you can create help from scratch for new or existing commands. Write the command instructions before writing the command code and it as a code specification.

  • Edit existing help files

    Edit existing help files in the PowerShell Help Writer interface or in XML format. Add or remove parameters, including dynamic parameters.

  • Create start-up help from existing help for your new PSMAML files, including function-based comment-based help.

  • Write excellent examples

    Displays a custom interface for writing examples in a solitary font.

  • Confirm the PSMAML files

    All help files follow the PSMAML schema for Windows PowerShell help files. Validate all files using the Validate Help Schema feature.

  • Edit in XML format

    Edit any XML file in a color-coded XML editor using XML node navigation and PrimalSense code completion.

  • Run it on the command line!

    Try the Write-HWHelp cmdlet, which opens PowerShell Help Writer with new or existing help files for the commands you specify.
    PS C: > Write-HWHelp -Command MyFunction -File “C: MyHelp.psm1-Help.xml”
    PS C: > Get-Command -Module NewModule | Write-HWHelp -File NewModule.dll-help.xml

So focus on the content of your tool and let PowerShell Help Writer 2015 take care of the XML for you.

I believe this is going to be a great resource for PowerShell professionals who want to create complete guidelines for their tools.

You can download a 45-day evaluation copy of them online store.

Enjoy your day!

/ Charbel


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