Google will go through all the changes to search results for the Top Stories carousel when the Page Experience update goes live in mid-June.

The information is shared on the Google Search Central YouTube channel as part of it Starting a side experience video series.

It has been known for months that Google intends to remove AMP as a requirement to get content in the Top Stories carousel. It is still scheduled to take place as part of the Page Experience algorithm update.

This latest Google commentator will discuss more details and answer any delayed questions that site owners may have before launching the update.


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AMP and Top Stories changes

When Google launches the Page Experience update in mid-June, AMP will no longer be needed for inclusion in Top Stories.

In addition, Google confirms that the AMP icon will be disabled and the swipe feature will be removed from the AMP Viewer.

Browsing stories in the AMP viewer was possible because the pages are immediately loaded from the AMP cache.

When other types of pages are added to the Top Stories Carousel, Google can no longer guarantee an immediate download. To provide the best possible experience for applicants, Google needs to get rid of the sweep.


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Site owners can import AMP pages immediately to load other types of pages signed exchanges.

With the help of signed exchanges, websites can be picked up safely and securely. They can also be used on AMP sites, allowing pages to retain their original URLs.

Here’s more information on what removing AMP pages from Top Stories carousel means for search engine optimizers and site owners.

What does this mean for site owners?

When Google removes AMP as a Top Stories claim, previously invalid content will be included.

So far, only pages built with AMP HTML have been considered in this section. As Google plans to open it to all websites, these limited places will become more competitive.

Google shares these three tips for staying competitive in Top Stories:

  • Publish relevant content.
  • Maintain good core network vital and side experience.
  • Follow Google’s instructions.

If you haven’t already done so, now would be a good time to research how your pages go until the page experience.

Check the Search Console Page Experience report for information about what real users experience when they load your site.


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In the report, you’ll see any problematic URLs that require an address.

If your content is currently in popular stories, keep focusing on publishing the same high quality content.

In addition to this, pay attention to any problems with the Search Console page experience, and you’ll probably get the Top Stories as well as you can today after the upgrade.

Finally, Google advises site owners that the use of article-by-article structured information remains a prerequisite for inclusion in Top Stories.

It involves a few lines of entries that let Google know important information about the article, such as author, publisher, date of publication, and so on.


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See the video below for more information:


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