Most websites and mobile apps gather all sorts of information to try to get an idea of ​​what users are doing, not, and to get an idea of ​​what users might want. These metrics are useful, but are a more valuable way to get information: direct feedback from users. Userwell is an awesome service that makes collecting, implementing and delivering direct feedback very easy!

Quick tips

  • Userwell provides you with a free 14 day trial! Try product feedback management software today!
  • Userwell collects feedback from all channels in one central location
  • Integrations are constantly being added
  • Userwell provides an easy-to-use JavaScript widget to place on your website
  • Users can confirm the feedback by publishing it on the feedback page
  • Insights can be created by integrating with the Userwell Income Data Tool
  • Feedback can be sent to the project management tool (GitLab, Trello, etc.)

After you sign up for the 14-day free trial, you’ll create a feedback page for your website, app, or product. Once you’ve created your page, you can create a widget placed on your website with very little code:

<script src=""></script>
  "token": "########-####-####-####-############"

As the feedback begins to evolve, you can categorize the feedback, create workable items, and organize how you show the feedback. You can sort by status, source, comments, ratings, and creation date:

Within a project, you can add different types of users to your Feedback, such as project managers, product managers, engineers, and other relevant members. This will allow your team and your feature request to be configured so that nothing slips between the cracks.

Users can also vote to indicate what should be done. Once the feedback is sorted and the properties are in process, everyone will receive feedback on the current status of the requests.

Also great is that you can use Userwell integrations to send feedback to third-party services like Trello, GitLab, Jira, and other popular services. Basically, you can only use Userwell to get feedback and pass the feedback to other services or as a complete task management application.

Userwell is not just a widget that asks for and collects feedback – it is a complete management system for each stakeholder level. Userwell’s feedback management tools are really impressive – I didn’t expect the tool to handle everything from gathering to completing features!


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