Entry World Blood Donation Day, Facebook is announced that more than 100 million people around the world have now signed up for their blood donation feature, which allows Facebook users to receive notifications from nearby blood banks about donation opportunities.

As explained Facebook:

“Since we first introduced the blood donation feature in India in 2017, We have expanded to 37 countries – including Australia, Colombia, Israel, Singapore and Tunisia. In the first two months after launching in the U.S. in June 2019, blood donation features increased first-time donations at partner sites by 19%, while in Brazil and India, the proportion of blood bank donors reported a Facebook donation impact increased from 0% to 14% in the first year. “

Amidst all sorts of criticism of Facebook and its potential negative impact on society, this is a perfect example of what it can also offer. The expanded coverage of the social network provides the perfect channel to raise awareness of the main reasons – which, as you can see, can have significant benefits.

As Facebook notes, its blood donation feature was first launched in India before that expanded to the United States in 2019. Users can sign up for relevant notifications within the app, which helps increase awareness of relevant needs.

Facebook blood donations

Facebook expanded its blood donation alerts last year in response to the pandemic by adding an option to it Community Help Center, while also increasing capacity blood donation centers to share their donation opportunities through Facebook events, which will help increase exposure further by creating news feed prompts from registrants.

Facebook blood donations

There seems to be a rare opportunity to highlight how the scale of Facebook can be exploited, but it is clear that there are significant community interests in this regard, and there are ways in which Facebook can help bring people together around such causes and needs.

Misinformation remains a key concern, as does the misuse and abuse of platforms, but there are ways in which Facebook can be a key point in building a better society. Whether good is greater than evil, or never, is another topic of discussion, but its blood donation tools and results are one example of the role it can play in such.

Facebook also hosts a A global blood donation forum last week brought together health leaders, blood donation experts and young blood donors from around the world to discuss strategies to inspire young people to donate. You can view the playback here.


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