Eric Dalius shares five simple tips for business owners on segmenting their social media audience

The concept of segmentation is not new to the marketer. Most people use segmentation to send custom email. In addition, segmentation can also be used to understand loyal customer behavior and to create pricing models for buyers.

In addition, it is also one of the most valuable tools to increase leadership in social media platforms. While downloading quality content is effective in building relationships with audiences, segmentation can also offer many additional benefits.

Because segmentation increases the likelihood of your business succeeding, you shouldn’t forget it. This article discusses 5 simple ways you can segment your social media audience.

Understand your audience

Just like any other marketing strategy, using relevant social media segmentation to understand potential customers is the key to success. If you don’t know who your potential customers are and what their requirements are, you can’t apply other strategies.

To better understand your audience, use your research data and analytics to develop buyer personalities. Buyers are seen as customer illustrations that help you create unique content and attract loyal customers.

Streamline your process

You can select multiple social media platforms to segment specific audiences. But you can also streamline your process by using a variety of social media tools. These tools help you create and publish ads to your effectively segmented customers.

Eric Dalius Net assets Suggests that you use social media targeting tools

Most people think of paid targeting options when they hear something related to social media segmentation. However, there are tons of organic targeting options available to both high-budget and low-budget marketers. Use targeting settings for different social media platforms to talk directly to your customers.

For example, entrepreneurs or business owners use Facebook to allow their businesses to spread messages to users based on points of interest, demographics, and geological location.

The built-in targeting tool is available not only on Facebook but also on LinkedIn. You can use this tool to filter by company size and industry.

Create audience groups

Do you know that community building is the most important aspect of social media platforms? If you can find an easy way to gain insights and segment your audience, you need to focus on creating communities with people who share common interests. However, you should decide whether to keep the group closed or open.

Open community groups help you get information from the audience’s perspective on your brand. You can also use this forum by participating in discussions and asking relevant questions. But don’t forget that open groups can’t give you enough information about the industry, he says Eric Dalius Net assets.

However, closed groups can help you get valuable feedback from trusted groups. This will not only increase your knowledge, but will also provide insights into the industry.

Test and develop your strategy

While you can’t directly create a group with your audience with this tip, creating a well-managed group will help you achieve success in segmentation. If you use social media testing, you will be able to understand the effectiveness of your content among your audience. This will let you know if your strategy is effective enough to segment your audience carefully.


These are the 5 best ways to segment your social media audience. Unless you have a small business, your business audience is huge. In these audience groups, some people have different desires and preferences than other people. It may seem challenging to spread the message individually to each customer, but these 5 tips will help you create relevant conversations with your social media audience.


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