Amazon Prime Day 2021 come June 21 and 22, and Walmart and Target announced their competing sales. The result? There are a number of really amazing deals on streaming devices at present.

This means that if you are not ready to wait another week to take advantage of the Prime Day sale, you have a lot of great options. From a $ 10 discount on the Fire TV Stick 4K at 40% off 4K TiVo Stream, many options are available. All of the devices below are easy ways to upgrade old TVs to the latest streaming services, with some at or near all-time low prices. Still, there’s always more to come, for example: The Fire TV Stick 4K hit $ 25 on Black Friday last year and we think it might do it again.

Note that prices and availability were correct at the time of posting, but they may fluctuate.

Fire TV, Roku, and Streaming Deals Available Now

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The latest Roku is our new streaming choice. It’s the best way to deliver a full range of streaming channels (including plenty of free content) to any TV, up to and including 4K HDR picture quality on compatible TVs. And now it’s 25% off – the best price we’ve seen since it first went on sale a few months ago.

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Roku and Fire TV are far from the only streamers out there – Android TV has made significant gains in recent years. TiVo Stream 4K is an Android TV streamer that has a few things up its sleeve, for example: Unlike Roku it offers a YouTube TV application, and its interface is more conducive to the brushing of new shows. At $ 29, this device is a steal.

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The Streambar pairs a capable 4K streamer with a dialogue-enhancing soundbar. It even launches in Bluetooth for good measure. As an inexpensive way to get both audio and streaming to your TV, this Roku is undefeated.

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The Roku Ultra 2020 offers a significant upgrade over other Roku devices with both a remote finder and a wired Ethernet port. Picture quality is still great with Dolby Vision support, and it’s also faster than other Ultras, thanks to its super-fast processor. It came down to $ 69 which is a good price if you want those extras.

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There’s a lot to love about Google’s new Chromecast with Google TV, including a redesigned interface, 4K HDR with Dolby Vision support, a true remote, and great integration with Google Assistant. In a deal exclusive to Google Store, the search giant is bundling its normally $ 50 streamer with six months of Netflix’s Standard plan for $ 90. The deal is available to new and existing Netflix subscribers.

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Although the Roku Express 4K Plus is our new favorite, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus 4K is just as awesome as ever. The two are basically identical other than in design, although the Express 4K Plus supports an optional Ethernet adapter. Both offer hundreds of apps, the excellent Roku interface and a robust voice-activated remote control, as well as 4K HDR and Apple AirPlay.

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This is a simple Roku that can handle all of your streaming needs. It’s not as fast as the Streaming Stick Plus and doesn’t include Roku’s more useful upgraded remote control (which has a microphone for voice control and doesn’t require you to point it directly at the TV). It also lacks 4K support and new features like AirPlay. However, it costs just $ 17 and should be fine for basic streaming. The SE is pretty much the same as the $ 25 Roku Express, apart from the white color.

At this time, the offer is in store only and therefore depends on availability at your local Walmart. If you really want this price, it’s worth checking out the link below.

Expired offers: may return for Prime Day

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Cheap and super simple, the Roku Express offers all the joy of the Roku platform, but in a crazy little package. It comes with a remote control, Micro-USB and HDMI ports, an HDMI cable and a small sticker to keep it in place. That said, with the 4K version on sale for just $ 5 more; this is by far the best deal.

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Sarah Tew / CNET

The Roku Premiere isn’t as good as the Roku Express 4K Plus – it lacks the voice-activated remote and TV control – but if those features don’t matter to you, or the Plus is out of stock at that point The moment you read this, the Premiere is still a solid 4K HDR streamer value.

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The Fire TV Cube combines an Alexa voice-activated speaker, Fire TV 4K video broadcaster, and universal remote in one device. If you like to use your voice to control the TV – not to mention the other devices in your Alexa-enabled household – it might be worth taking the plunge to this cool all-in-one product, which dropped from $ 120 to $ 100. . Note that this is the most recent version (2019), which has added some nice improvements since we first assessed it in 2018.

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Normally at $ 30, the Fire Stick Lite offers 1080p streaming and an Alexa-powered voice remote. While Peacock is still MIA, it’s CNET’s first choice for a low-budget streamer, period.

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