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Packt celebrates International Anti-DRM Day on May 6thth 2015!

Packt Publishing firmly believes that you should be able to read your content and interact with it whenever you want, where you want and how you want – for this they have been advocating DRM-free content since their first e-book was released back in 2004.

This year to show continued support A day against DRM, Packt will be offering all DRM-free content for $ 10 for 24 hours until May 6thth – More than 3,000 e-books and 100 videos available on the publisher’s website www.packtpub.com, there is much to discover, whatever interests you.

“Packt’s primary goal has always been to meet the changing needs of developers as practically as possible while protecting the hard work of our authors. DRM-free content remains a key factor in accomplishing this, providing the flexibility and freedom necessary for an effective and enhanced learning experience.“We’ve been DRM-free from the start – they never set limits on user innovation.”

– Dave Maclean, CEO

Opponents of DRM Day will be invited to spread the word and celebrate May 6thth by exploring the full range of DRM-free content at www.packtpub.com – All ebooks and videos are priced at $ 10 for 24 hours, inclusive latest hot headlines.

This is a great offer! so make sure you get the benefits and grab your favorite books and videos.

Enjoy reading!

/ Charbel


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