Just a small link to a summary of a few recent things I’ve done off-site. As I do at times.

DevJourney Podcast

# 151 From Chris Coyier to Pottery to CSS Tricks and CodePen

Chris took us to play on the first C64 for his bachelor’s degree in ceramics and went back to web development. We talked about the different tasks he had along the way and how they slowly but surely led to web development. We practiced creating and refreshing CSS tricks, learning outdoors and what a good day looks like.

Podrocket Podcast

Rocket Cut: Kaelan and Chris Coyier compare notes

Want to speed up all this new CSS stuff? Chris Coyier and Kaelan compare notes on CSS and UI development (they also discuss MDN plus).

CodePen radio

I have gone back to the episodes CodePen radio every week this year. Here are some recent episodes.

I make a podcast video occasionally for a few weeks and call it CodePen radio on TV! Here Adam Kuhn and I make one of those videos. You will see a new introanimation in it Adam himself did.

ShopTalk exhibition

Dave and I are six months away from doing this weekly for 10 years! Again, some recent performances:

Some of the performances have focused on a series called JavaScript in 2021.

The biggest change in ShopTalk is ours Patreon + contradiction which has been very awesome.


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