Due to the pandemic, we are all much more familiar with remote working than before, whether we like it or not. But the remote tools of the pre-pandemic era – Slack, Trello, Zoom, Asana, etc, etc, etc. – do, if we admit it, barely scratch the surface of what we really need to be productive. Fortunately, a new era of remote work tools is rapidly emerging. As I recently tweeted, we need to think much more in asynchronous terms if remote working is to be productive (and healthy!), in the long run.

Older tools may offer asynchronous collaboration, but a new wave of tools is coming. Loom, for example, is a one-way ‘show and tell’ video. It raised $ 203.6 million – however, it has a downside: It doesn’t have a lot of collaboration features.

Now a new European startup is hoping to solve this problem.

applaud, an asynchronous meeting platform with video and collaboration, believes it might have part of the solution and a private beta launch is slated for this month.

He has now raised $ 3 million in pre-seed funding from LocalGlobe, Headline, E.Ventures, Kima Ventures and Angels, including Front co-founder Mathilde Collin, Oyster co-founder Tony Jamous, the Nest and GoCardless founder Matt Robinson and Automattic Aadil’s product manager. Mamujée. It also includes a group of 30 angels such as Ian Hogarth (Songkick), Olivier Godement (Stripe), Roxanne Varza (Station F), Chris Herd (FirstBase), and Xavier Niel (Kima), Shane Mac (investor in Remote).

We all now know that what used to be small catch-ups are now 30-minute Zoom calls, which are unnecessary. “Asynchronous meetings” might be the way to go.

Claap says its product allows employees to record a short video update on a topic, allow others to comment on the relevant part, and set a deadline for team members’ response. Colleagues then watch the video and respond at their own pace. Claap presents itself as the telework equivalent of “catching up quickly in the corridors”. It integrates with other work tools such as Trello or Jira so that when a decision is made on a project, it is saved for all team members to see and refer to. A subscription model is planned which will have a sliding scale depending on the size of the team.

Because it doesn’t require real-time interaction, you don’t need to find a convenient time for everyone for a meeting, so in effect, the sort of “meeting” is gone. . Instead, the platform creates space for comments and iterations.

The founders Robin Bonduelle and Pierre Touzeau looked at solutions already adopted by companies such as Automattic and GitLab. Touzeau was previously at 360Learning which had a strict meeting limitation policy. Bonduelle has 10 years of experience in product management, working in various startups and scale-ups, including Ogury where he was VP of Product, and Rocket Internet. He developed asynchronous communication habits while managing 50 people in 4 different countries and time zones. Touzeau has worked for companies such as L’Oréal and 360Learning, where he was most recently Vice President of Marketing.

However, asynchronous communication is not always perfect. As we know, Slack emails and messages might not be read. Video COULD be the solution.

Robin Bonduelle, Co-Founder and CEO of Claap, said: “After a year of working remotely, people are realizing the benefits of not working in an office but at the same time struggling with one. of its worst consequences: back to back. videoconferences. A query that in the office would take five minutes to resolve now takes at least 30, leaving everyone more exhausted in the process. Claap is designed to solve this problem, giving colleagues the tools to keep them engaged and connected, but without taking all of their time. It’s a new meeting format that allows people to make quick decisions.

Touzeau said, “Meetings are a necessary part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be your whole day. Asynchronous meetings are the key to freeing up our calendars but ensuring the work is always done and deadlines are met. We are excited about the potential of Claap to enable people to work from anywhere.

George Henry, General Partner at LocalGlobe, said: “We have been impressed with Robin and Pierre’s vision and Claap’s potential to enable employees to connect on a project when they need it and to facilitate the possibility of. work from anywhere. “

Jonathan Userovici, Partner at Headline, said: “Zoom may have been the go-to business app over the past 12 months, but for the thousands of businesses that will now be prioritized remotely, video conferencing will not be enough. not alone in keeping teams connected and getting the job done. Claap is the challenger tool to end video call fatigue.


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