The modern world is booming with artificial intelligence and related branch technologies. It is true that it is widely acknowledged that the survival of business organizations depends heavily on technological advances brought about by the integration of artificial intelligence. One such platform is Automation Anywhere, which leverages artificial intelligence and RPA to accelerate and strengthen business management.

Automation Anywhere is a renowned leader in robotic process automation that specializes in providing cloud-based, web-based intelligent automation solutions to streamline business operations.


Transforming businesses with intelligent automation

Founded in 2003, Automation Anywhere has a strong legacy of benchmarking through artificial intelligence and RPA acceptance. The company also identifies itself as a cloud service provider that seeks to find, digitize and automate smart solutions to transform businesses and organizations to fit the decline of modern and technologically advanced markets.

One of the commendable achievements of Automation Anywhere of 2021 is that it began a partnership with Google to develop RPA products. The purpose of the partnership is to accelerate the adoption of RPA in companies worldwide. The collaboration paved the way for new employment opportunities for robot process automation professionals.

In addition, Automation Anywhere acted as a fortune teller in shifting its business strategy to the process automation of cloud robots that disrupted the automation landscape.

Thanks to its innovative experiments, RPA Automation Anywhere had raised $ 290 million in 2019. According to reports, about 53% of companies had used RPA to catalyze their business.

In addition to delivering RPA-based solutions for business growth, Automation Anywhere also teaches the importance of intelligent automation. The company is planning a world where automation is a liberating space for people and that intelligent automation will replace everyday tasks in order to eliminate the recurrence of the human workforce.

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