Those looking for a good reason to upgrade their Apple Watch may have to wait a few years. A new Bloomberg The report suggests that blood sugar and body temperature monitoring will not be available this year, and that the 2021 Apple Watch line offers only a few minor improvements over previous models.

Apple will likely release a Series 7 watch this year with an upgraded processor, new display, and ultra-broadband support (likely to improve AirTag tracking and Find My functionality). We might also see a sequel to the affordable Apple Watch SE. Since last year’s SE looked like an upgraded version of the Series 4 watch, the new model may look like the Series 5. Small improvements like ultra-wideband support are expected in the SE 2021.

As Apple works on monitoring blood sugar and body temperature, Bloomberg states that these features will not appear in the 2021 Apple Watch models. Body temperature sensors could make their way to the 2022 Apple Watch line (which may include a rugged ‘explorer’ model), but blood sugar monitoring is ” in several years ”.

With a bit of luck Bloomberg the schedule is staggered because monitoring blood sugar and body temperature would be very helpful today. People don’t always realize when they have a fever (even in the COVID-19 era), and for people with diabetes, the ability to check blood sugar at any time of the day without a finger prick is a big problem. These features could also be linked to Apple’s Health app for the upcoming data sharing tool, which alerts doctors or family members when Apple Watch detects a health crisis or finds an unfavorable health reading.

Source: Bloomberg


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