With 94% of first impressions to trust something Web design, you need to create a beautifully designed website for your business. But when you start designing a website, you may not know what approach to take for your website. What type of website design is best for your business?

Fortunately, we have all the answers. Continue reading to learn about the six types of web design and the pros and cons of each. In addition, we deal with different types of websites that you can create so you can figure out what’s best for your business!

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6 types of web design for your website

Are you ready to build your website, but Not sure which form of web design is best? Here are the six most common web design layouts for your business, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Web Design Form # 1: Static Page Layout

One of the basic types of website design is static page layout. With this layout, you build a website with preset page dimensions – it has a permanent width. Static layouts follow these dimensions regardless of browser or device type.

Static layouts have gradually disappeared with the increasing use of mobile phones. Because these sites do not adapt to devices, they do not provide positive user experience on smartphones or tablets. While static layouts are still an option, you usually don’t want to use them unless you’re creating a completely separate one Mobile version of your site.

Benefits of static page layout:

Disadvantages of static page layout:

  • Does not respond to devices or browsers
  • Requires the creation of a separate mobile site (more work)

Web Design Form # 2: Liquid Appearance

Next, this list of website types has liquid layouts. This layout, also known as fluid design, uses flexible units instead of fixed units. Because the units are flexible, the page always fills the width of the device screen, regardless of which device it is.

Because the user experience is critical to driving your site and attracting traffic, liquid layouts have also gradually begun to run out as a viable option for businesses. While you can still use this layout, you may produce bad ones user experience from your site by stretching it too far or hiding information on one page.

Benefits of liquid design:

  • Easier to install than responsive design
  • No information is cut off on the pages

Cons of liquid design:

  • If the browser is really wide, the data will be stretched to fit the screen and may look attractive
  • If the browser is smaller, the data breaks down to fit the screen, making it difficult to read and browse

Web Design Form # 3: Adaptive Website Layout

One design of your website that you can use for your site is an adaptive website layout. As the name suggests, this website uses CSS queries to adjust the size of the website to detect the size of the browser. Adaptive websites automatically change the look of the website to provide the best user experience for visitors.

Adaptive website layouts are used to set parameters for website adaptation. For example, a parameter you set might look like this: “If your browser is 500 pixels wide, set your main content container to 400 pixels wide.”

For example, if you have a website with two columns, the customizable layout would change to a single column shape on a small browser screen.

Pros of customizable website layout:

  • Easy to install
  • It takes less development time than responsive layouts
  • You can adjust your website according to the size of each browser

Disadvantages of adaptive website layout:

  • Device widths between setpoints can cause too much or enough space for your site
  • Not fully responsive

Web Design Form # 4: Dynamic Website Layout

When you look at the list of web design types, you will find that dynamic website layout is an option. Dynamic website layouts are good for people who don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of HTML. These websites can deliver different content to website visitors even if two separate people view the same page.

With a dynamic website layout, you can create a database of information and features. When a user requests a page, web encoding works automatically when the components are compiled from your database to form a web page.

Benefits of a dynamic website layout:

  • Interaction with users
  • Better functionality for users
  • Less coding skills are needed

Disadvantages of dynamic website layout:

  • It can be more complicated to install with different functions
  • Tends to load more slowly due to all the different elements and page compositions

Web Design Format # 5: Responsive design layout

Next in the list of web page layouts is responsive design. This layout format is the most popular type because it allows your site to fit on all devices and fill the browser size perfectly.

Reactive design is first built with a mobile approach. First, create a mobile layout and then expand your website to achieve larger browser sizes. So instead of trying to cut your website and make it smaller, you start small and build it bigger.

You can see a great example responsive design About Dropbox. Here’s how their site looks in a large desktop browser:

When you view it on a mobile device, the entire site is resized to fit the size of the mobile browser, providing a great user experience.

Mobile version of the Dropbox website

Pros of responsive design:

  • Get a website built for mobile users
  • Provides a seamless experience on all devices
  • You don’t have to build a separate mobile site

Disadvantages of responsive design:

  • It takes more time to build and develop

Web Design Format # 6: One Page Layout

The last item we will discuss in the list of web design types is the single page layout. As the name suggests, single-page layouts use only one page, which users scroll down to find information about your products or services.

This layout allows you to have a “navigation menu” that contains links to specific points on your page. KitKat is a great example of this one page layout.

A one-page layout of a KitKat product with information about rough

Benefits of a single page layout:

  • Easy to create
  • Can help create a clean and simple website

Disadvantages of single page layout:

  • Cannot be used for companies that sell products online
  • Cannot be used for businesses that need multiple pages
  • Can prevent people away if a single page is too long and requires too much scrolling

Site Types: You can create four types of websites

In addition to narrowing down the list of website types to the best, you also need to determine what kind of website you need to create for your business. Every business has different needs, which means that your site type may differ from the others.

Here are four types of websites you can create for your business:

1. Blogs

The first in the list of site types is blogs. Blogs are websites that share useful information for readers on topics in their field.

While a blog may not be your company’s primary website, you may want to consider it creating a blog site if you do content marketing. Content marketing is an important strategy to help your business grow online and build trust with your audience.

You may want to consider a separate blog site, such as Allstate, or integrating it into your core website to take advantage of the benefits of content marketing.

All state blog

This type of website can use any type of web design format except single page layouts. The best types of website design for this type of website are adaptive and reactive.

2. Ecommerce websites

Another type of website you can create for your business is ecommerce website. This type of website is best for your business if you want to sell products on your site.

Ecommerce sites is built to host product pages, add products to the cart, and run events. If you want to sell products, this type of website is best for your business.

Billie’s website includes products such as razors, towels and shaving creams

The best type of web design ecommerce website, responsive and adaptive are best suited for ecommerce sites.

3. Business websites

Another type of website you can create is a Business Website. A business website is a standard website – it contains information about your business and the services you offer. If you don’t sell products online, you can also build a business website just to showcase what you have to offer.

Home Organizer Website

These sites are simple and serve as a hub for people to learn about your business. You can use this type of website if you are not selling products on your website.

On a corporate website, you can use any of the types of web design listed above – you should choose the ones that will help you provide the best experience for your audience.

4. Membership Sites

The last type of website you can create is a membership site. With this type of website, you have a paywall that people can access. Only people with members can come to your site and see your products.

Grove.co is an example of a membership website. You need to create an account and pay a membership fee to see all their products.

Barrier to Grove.co membership to access their website

If you want to use this type of website, you can use two types of web design layouts: adaptive or responsive. These layouts work best for hosting members ’products.

Need help figuring out what type of website design is best for you?

With so many different types of web design available, it’s challenging to know which type is best for your business. If you feel overwhelmed with building the best website, WebFX can help you create a beautiful web design for your business.

We have designed over 1000 websites and won dozens of awards for the design of our website. Our team of over 300 marketing experts can help you create a beautifully designed website that provides the best experience for your audience.

Are you ready to build the website of your dreams? Contact us online or call us today 888-601-5359 talk to a strategist web design services!


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