YouTube publishes some new options gives users more power to stop copyright infringement on downloads and detect potential IP infringement in the app.

First, YouTube is adding a new copyright claim process that allows content providers to mark a new box when reporting copyright infringement to prevent detection and removal options from showing copies of these videos on YouTube.

Once this checkbox is selected for a successful copyright claim, YouTube will attempt to prevent other users from uploading the same video with its copyrighted authentication technology. The same process also allows YouTube to notify content producers when similar content is downloaded if this box is checked, and these potential violations will then appear ”Copyright Matchtab in YouTube Studio.

YouTube states that content producers must ensure this they own worldwide exclusive rights to any video content they claim in this process, but if you own the content and want to prevent people from downloading different versions and reusing your material, this new process provides a new measure to protect against abuse.

To get an idea of ​​how efficient the process is for the content you’re claiming, YouTube will also add a new list of how many videos have been blocked because of your claim.

YouTube Copyright Claim

It can be a great way to protect your IP address by preventing people from even downloading a copy, which can also help YouTube reduce disputes and problems as a result of the revenue it generates.

At the same time, such a process can also be misused by the fraudulent claims of videos for various purposes. In cases where the tool is used based on a false claim, YouTube says it will remove the option from those channels or may proceed to delete the channels altogether in response.

YouTube says the new update will be rolled out today, but will be rolled out in a step-by-step process that will take a few months to be fully available.

In addition to this, YouTube also says that its Copyright Match Tool, which has so far only been available to content producers in the YouTube Partner Program, is now being released “all content providers who submit a valid removal request “.

The options increase copyright protection for YouTube content producers, and even though copying has been problematic element of the platform in the past, it has sought to improve detection systems and reduce the burden on content producers to manage them.

You can read more about the new copyright identification and removal processes here.


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