We launched three AWS areas (Italy, South Africaand Japan) in the last 12 months and working in the area Australia, Indonesia, Spain, India, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates.

Tel Aviv, Israel in the works
Today I am happy to announce that Middle East (Tel Aviv) The area is underway and will open in the first half of 2023. This area has three access zones and is the second AWS area in the Middle East. The new area will allow Israeli AWS customers to drive workloads and store data that needs to stay in the country.

Today, there are 81 availability zones in operation in 25 AWS areas, of which 21 are available and seven notified areas (including this one).

As always with the AWS area, each access zone is a fully isolated part of the AWS infrastructure. The AZs in this area are interconnected via high-bandwidth and low-delay network connections via a dedicated, fully redundant metro fiber. This connection supports applications that require synchronized replication between AZs for availability or redundancy. You can peek AWS Global Infrastructure page for more information on planning and building areas and AZ.

AWS in Israel
I first visited Israel in 2013 and have been there several (but definitely not enough) times since. I have spoken in several AWS summits and visited many early customers in the area. Today, AWS has the following resources in Israel:

Israel is also home Annapurna Labs, An Amazon.com subsidiary responsible for developing most of the innovative hardware that drives AWS.

The Israeli government announced in a separate announcement today that it has selected AWS as the primary cloud service provider for the Nimbus project. As part of this project, Israeli government ministries and subsidiaries will use the cloud service to bring about digital transformation and provide new digital services to Israeli citizens.

Stay on the channel
We will announce Middle East (Tel Aviv) Area in an upcoming blog post, so be sure to stay tuned!



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