If you think your business is too small OpenStack then it’s time to think again. There are many benefits for small businesses or organizations deploying the OpenStack cloud. With OpenStack, you can create a scalable cloud that lets you think big, start small, and grow fast. Getting started with OpenStack may seem daunting, but we’ll help you every step of the way.

In this blog, we explain why no company is too small for OpenStack. Regardless of the size of your business, you can use OpenStack as a cloud service provider. You can be sure that OpenStack is a solid foundation for your cloud solutions.

The value of the OpenStack Powered Cloud

Did you know that OpenStack is the leading open source alternative for building public cloud environments? Not only that, but VEXXHOST is the biggest OpenStack public cloud In Canada. For a scalable solution, it is important to see the value of the cloud.

Some start-ups choose a public cloud that can be rented on an hourly basis at a higher occupancy rate. Starting a public cloud service is an economical option for small businesses because large instances are available at a lower cost. There is room to expand or reduce depending on the change in funding and the needs of the company. Instead, companies with a more stable load and expanding rapidly may face the break-even point, after which a private cloud solution is more cost-effective. The agility and scalability of the private cloud prevents data collection and cloud diffusion, which in most cases has significant cost-saving implications for large enterprises.

At the end of the day, small businesses have very different requirements than large businesses. Despite some limitations, they also need space to grow. OpenStack is attractive because it provides both public and private cloud solutions for organizations starting an established business. If you’re not sure which open source cloud might be right for you, contact our team of experts to help determine your requirements.

Think big, start small, grow fast

Think big, start small and grow fast is a valid mantra for small businesses looking to deploy the OpenStack cloud. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, everyone wants to leverage their IT unit for growth in a highly competitive market. To survive, companies need to be able to adapt and become more agile and innovative. This is where OpenStack comes in.

As mentioned earlier, OpenStack is dedicated to creating scalable and usable software. Companies need to define requirements and work from there. A clear understanding of workloads is a good place to start. It is important to consider the use case and plan it accordingly. This is how your company prepares for deployment, management, and the short and long benefits of working with OpenStack.

Another bonus of OpenStack for small businesses is that there are no supplier locks. This means you can switch between a public and private cloud or easily expand into a multi-cloud ecosystem. Avoiding your own clouds protects users from locking on their platform. When you are looking for growth, that is the last thing you need.

At VEXXHOST, we have been using and participating in open source upstream technologies since 2011. We are proud to say that we know OpenStack upside down. Nonetheless, we can help the architect and optimize your cloud strategy with an OpenStack-based infrastructure that uses the latest release, Train and Kubernetes. Need help with the requirements of a small, medium or large company? We have heard you. Contact our experts today to see how we can make your OpenStack cloud a reality.


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