The Four Opens, also known as the OpenStack Way, is a set of basic guidelines that the OpenStack community has created for the OpenStack community. They ensure that users get all the benefits of open source software while interacting with the cloud services community and participating in innovation in the future of OpenStack.

Since the beginning of these four principles, OpenStack has grown into one of the three most active open source projects in the world. Along with the Linux kernel and Chromium, OpenStack is still one of the most impressive open source cloud software available today.

The lively OpenStack community has taken The Four Opens as CEO. Today we are going to break down what The Four Opens are and what they mean for the OpenStack global community.

Open source

The OpenStack Foundation is committed to creating open source software that is both usable and scalable. What does this mean? OpenStack does not produce an “open core,” but rather software that is not limited by performance.

It is important that all software developed in The Four Opens is released under an open source license. This ensures that users can study the program, make any necessary changes to improve it, and after approval, distribute the original or modified version, depending on the changes. This is important because it allows other users in the community to benefit from the work. A collaborative community only creates stronger work.

Open community

Community means a sense of connection with others as a result of sharing attitudes, interests, and passions. The OpenStack community is no different. OpenStack focuses on one of the basic goals of maintaining a healthy and vibrant user and developer community. They strive to ensure that the community is inclusive because it is diverse. It is important that anyone can rise to leadership power with the right skill and work ethic.

It is important to set common goals for an open community so that this principal creates strong links between users and developers. It enhances open source software and harmony among diverse people in the community. It is complex because it is dynamic. The community has made OpenStack current.

Open development

OpenStack conducts public code reviews and has public road maps. This means that participation is both more transparent and simpler. This allows users to monitor the development process and participate as early as possible. Transparent and inclusive development enables everyone to participate equally. Because publicly available services are visible to the public, anyone can view development activities without having to log in to the service. This keeps the community responsible and open to new developments. These high standards of open development mean that the process of evaluating inputs is equal and fair.

Open design

OpenStack is deeply committed to an open design process. This means that Open Design helps to enable an open and transparent process for software design and engineering. Open Design is not a single design software and a roadmap for its features, but its acceptance that OpenStack is community-based, and so should its software.

When something as important as design comes to the table, it’s hard not to handle it. Despite the difficulties of the process, it is better to create a slower, longer-term process. Especially when you work with a larger group. The community will jointly decide on a plan that will lead to a better product that will benefit all OpenStack users.

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