Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology company Modulate Inc. has announced that Holotech Studios has selected VoiceWear provide realistic and motivating voice characters in Animaze, a platform focused on empowering streaming devices, content producers, artists and consumers to create, buy and sell cutting – edge technologies such as characters. Modulate Inc relies on artificial intelligence to create a better environment for identity, network security, and voice communication.

Dragos Stanculescu is the CEO of Holotech Studios.

“Our job with Animase is to let anyone see and hear of their choice. So far, we’ve focused a lot on the visual side of Avatar customization and execution. Now, with Modulate’s VoiceWear technology, we are excited to be able to allow our users to extend the concept of a profound embodiment to what they sound like as a character, ”Stanculescu said.

Mike Pappas is the CEO of Modulat.

“VoiceWear uses machine learning analyze the user’s speech in milliseconds and produce new speech – with the user’s precise emotion, bending and cadence – with the voice of the chosen character or archetype, “Pappas said.” Animaze can create an even more immersive experience by choosing a body types of their own; or choose more exotic sounds to suit characters like orcs or robots. “

What is Holotech Studios?

San Francisco-based Holotech Studios focuses on “developing a new generation of amazingly interactive avatar technology for computers and smartphones.” The company aims to bring avatar-based communication to the masses, and millions of people will use their products worldwide. Some of the biggest names in YouTube and Twitch, like PewDiePie, JackSepticEye and GoodMythical Morning, use the company’s products.

What is Modulate?

The Boston-based Modulat aims to “strengthen the future of identity, cybersecurity, and voice communications.” Modulat’s team consists of experts in sound, machine learning research and various thought leaders.

Modulate biscuits VoiceWear, which is the first-ever system for emotional, character-accurate skin skins. The company has already raised a total of $ 6 million from leading investors such as 2Enable Partners, Hyperplane Venture Capital, Sierra Ventures and Everblue Management.

Sound skins are a new type of digital property that uses machine learning to analyze a player’s speech in milliseconds before producing new speech. This new speech matches the feel, bending, and cadence of the original player while being demonstrated by the voice of the selected character or archetype. This means that the player can choose the sound based on skin age, gender, body type and more.


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