One of the most challenging activities in sales is finding new opportunities and influencing them to do the action you want. That’s why some companies choose to improve their sales strategies with videos.

Video search combines the best pieces cold email dimension by email. This guide discusses why you should try it for your business. Before we get to the main part of the article, let’s define video search.

What is video search?

Video search is a technology that allows you to record and send personal videos sales lead. You typically run video search campaigns on Messenger platforms or via email. In the video, you tell them a little more about your product or service and how it can respond to a potential patient’s pain point.

The great thing about video is the amount of information that can be shared. People can consume 3-5 minutes of content in a two minute video. You would struggle to get a person you’ve never met to read a 3-5 page pitch. Most people just don’t have the time or interest.

The image below illustrates nicely what a video detective email can look like.


You will see that the message is shorter and the video thumbnails are interesting.

Importantly, emails that contain videos are also different. You won’t find many videos in your inbox, which sets your cold newsletters apart.

Video search can increase your chances of getting answers and even results. Just look at the statistics. Sales representatives who use video when searches get five times higher open prices. They also get an eight times higher open response.

How to Create a Detective Video |

In this section, I’ll go through a quick guide on how you can create a promotional video. Then we end things off by discussing the five benefits of video search.

There are three main parts to video search:

  1. Your shipping email
  2. Sales program
  3. How to shoot a video

I will go through these points.

1. Video Search Outreach Email

Messages to someone you’ve never met before and you want the recipient to act on your message. Unfortunately, this means that if a potential customer doesn’t understand your email’s value proposition right after opening the message, it will likely go in the trash.

Your shipping email should be short and to the point.

Explain in a few sentences who you are, why you sent them messages, what you have to offer, and what they should do. Then direct them to your video.

Here is a great example of cold informing a person providing a partner service.


The email is just two copies with a transcript.

Your email should be just as concise. read this guide to email search if you are looking for more tips on writing your message.

2. Write your script

Once you’ve written your search email, you need to think about the video. The script you use plays a huge role in the success or failure of your campaign.

You want your chances to know that you’re not just selling. The pitch needs to focus on how you can help solve the recipient’s pain points. So, before you write the script, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I making this video?
  • Who is the intended viewer?
  • What value does video offer to viewers?

If this is your first video file, I recommend following some type of loose template. There are a lot of great things copywriting templates that you can use that work well for videos. For example, there is a formula for attention, interest, desire, action.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that with sales, there is a much more effective look than you can explain what you can do. For example, we work in a competitive niche. There is a lot good B2B website offices.

For example, when I visit a potential customer, I always discuss the work we have done with our previous customers and show the impact of network change on lead generation. Showing what you can offer instead of just making a claim is more effective.

Your storytelling should be such that people cannot prevent themselves from responding to your keyword. Make your chances believe that you genuinely care.

3. Take a video

The last thing you need to do is shoot a video. Find a suitable place with good lighting and a nice background. Make sure the place is quiet. When recording a video, first record a video. You can cut the screen split later if you think it makes sense.

The video quality should be good, but it doesn’t have to be good.

Your computer or mobile phone camera is suitable for basic video. If you want to invest in production, use a high-quality DSLR camera and attachable microphones to ensure excellent sound quality. Viewers need to hear what you say clearly to make a decision.

Please ask before logging in to the video feedback from a friend or colleague to do the necessary edits. You should be able to create a basic streaming video in a few hours.

The original video is proof of the concept. Don’t invest thousands of dollars in creating a video without testing first if your outreach message works. Improving video quality will only improve your conversion rate.

3 Benefits of Video Search

Running a video search campaign is straightforward. Still, few companies are looking for video fields. Here are three reasons why you should try video search. Let’s go through the list.

1. The video interval is distinguished

Most sales representatives rely on emails and phone calls reach customers. The fact that everyone uses the same channel is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach. The compromise, however, is that if everyone uses the same channel, the response rates will decrease.

This means that the chances are tired of getting too many calls from people trying to sell them something. If you use other media, you are weird. It is a good thing.

Even if you contact potential customers via email, using video in your email will make you unusual. I touched it at the beginning of this video search guide.

Another good thing about finding videos is that they are flexible. You can use video search to sell insurance, your SEO services, or medical instruments. It works in almost any niche. In addition, video search is channel agnostic.

You can use video marketing in most marketing channels. You can search for videos by searching for email, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Keep in mind; you don’t have to limit yourself to sales. You can use video search build an audience. I know of some marketing agencies that have used this type of search to secure referrals to online webinars, for example.

2. You can share a lot of information and connect

People pick up meaning from the intonation of your voice, your clothes, your expressions, and more. With text-based search, you lose elements of your message, which affects your response rate.

Then there’s the potential for “unconscious bonding” with you because they see you on screen. David Meerman Scott said human “mirror nerve cells” make people believe that they “already feel” people who see on screen. “Our brains tell us we’ve been in their personal state because of a sense of intimacy when we see them on screen,” he said.

If people watch your video to the end, they will feel familiar with you. You’ll probably find yourself talking about a news video of your sales call.

3. You can run customized campaigns

The video will help you takes personalization to the next level. With a video, you can’t just target potential with their first names. You can also tailor your activities to your videos so that your potential customers can become more involved with them.

Here is an example from Frank Weschler of Dynamic Signal, a mobile platform. Frank was given a Buffalo Wild Wings account. So what does Frank do to get the attention of his potential? He eats Buffalo Wild Wings chicken while making his pitch!

Source: Vidyard

Result? Frank managed to book a sales meeting with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Creating a unique video for each email makes sense for valuable customers. For example, if I could compose LForm, I would probably think of a unique video for each information message. I want to invest time investing in clients because of the value of a agreement.

It was approached by Frank Weschler as he threw Buffalo Wild Wings.

However, if I were to sell a product or service that costs a couple hundred dollars, I would create one video per campaign. That video would discuss potential patients who are likely to encounter and show the value of the service without providing unique insights.

Your video search approach should be consistent with your campaign.

Bottom Line

Video search is an effective funnel top marketing strategy for B2B businesses. Video search is most commonly used in connection with e-mail to communicate with potential customers and share information about your products or services. It is very effective because it is used too little. Most people simply can’t bother to go through the hassle of creating a video.

It’s a bypass. Video is a great way to connect with your audience, no matter what niche you are in. In addition, you can run these types of campaigns on a scale by sharing the same video with each recipient, or creating a unique video for each recipient.

This guide explored how to run a video search campaign and discussed some of the key benefits. If you plan to use video search, consider your search email address, enter your video file, and then shoot the video.


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