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Because of the pandemic as ships and schedules begin to fill up for the summer, some event hosts in the United States are introducing a new color-coding system for personal events.

Using a system of green, yellow and red traffic lights, each color is designed to help partygoers communicate comfort with physical touch Wall Street Journal.

It makes completely sensible; although most people may be vaccinated, some would still be harmful to touch, given that COVID-19 is not yet completely out of our lives.

By Caretaker, At events held by the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce in Virginia, the hosts have given participants red, yellow or green stickers.

Red is taken There is no intention of physical contact when yellow feels comfortable with elbow contact and participants with green stickers that allow hugs.

For other events the colors may not be as straightforward, but a little more playful.

For example, Hosted by the Southeast Branch of the Association of Georgian American Airport Managers, guests can choose from red, yellow and green bracelets.

Green announced “Celebrate as it is in 2019” with a yellow meaning “2020 is confusing me” and red-marked celebrants think “wake me up in 2022”.

Like the world returning to face-to-face meetings, this color-coding system is a smart and effective way to respect each other’s boundaries during the celebration. Are you green, yellow or red?

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