Twitter adds a “Subscribe” button to people’s profiles, allowing users to quickly sign up for newsletters.

The registration and distribution process will be facilitated by Revue, the newsletter publisher Twitter acquired in January.

Revue broke the news with tweets and reported:

“We’re currently building new ways to grow your newsletter audience and want to preview one that lives right on your Twitter profile.

We want to give authors the tools to turn their growing, engaged Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers. This will soon be available in Revue newsletters, so stay tuned. Return to work now to continue construction. “

After registration, newsletters will be sent to the email address associated with the user’s Twitter account.

Revue shared an example of how the process works.

The Subscribe button appears on the user’s profile under the Mutual Followers section.


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Twitter displays the name of the newsletter, a brief description of what it contains and how many subscribers it has.

After pressing the Subscribe button, a message will appear informing the user that their email address will be sent to the creator of the newsletter.

From this screen, users have the opportunity to read a sample question before the official release of the data.

Twitter Add a 'Subscribe' button to newsletter registration profiles

As a final step, users will be asked to confirm their order by clicking on the link in the email.


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Looks like a good design choice because it helps prevent unintentional enrollments.

Twitter Add a 'Subscribe' button to newsletter registration profiles

The feature has been announced for the coming weeks and will be available to anyone with a Revue account.


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Publishers with Revue newsletters can activate this feature directly in Revue.

Given how publishers can offer paid newsletter subscriptions through Revue, this may be the first example of users being able to commercialize their Twitter profile.

Revue allows publishers to create free or paid newsletters where Twitter reduces the revenue they earn through subscriptions by 5%.

Creating and sharing newsletters with Revue is otherwise free, which gives marketers a new opportunity to build mailing lists on Twitter.

Release date

The exact date of the launch of the Order button has not been announced. It is said to be on Android and the desktop first, and an iOS release will follow later.


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Since paid newsletters are an option, it may make sense to integrate this feature Twitter blue as additional benefits.

Twitter Blue is a premium offer that gives users access to exclusive features for a monthly fee. The service was launched this month in a limited number of test countries.

This is just an idea, but adding a newsletter to the package can help merge the trade.

Take YouTube Premium as an example. The list of benefits includes the ability to become a member of one channel at no additional charge.

Amazon Prime is another example. Prime members can subscribe to one Twitch channel per month at no additional cost.


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In both cases, content producers are paid the same compensation as other paying subscribers.

Twitter could possibly do the same by combining the blue Revue. It would add value to premium members and help increase revenue for content producers.

However, it is probably too early for Twitter to consider anything like that. We’ll get more information when the Subscribe button launches in a few weeks.

Sources: @Revue, Mashable

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