Analytics Insight presents a list of the best online courses for the Master of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Artificial intelligence dominates the technology-driven era with its innovative cutting-edge technologies worldwide. Several science students show more interest in the broad field of artificial intelligence than the traditional five engineering courses. Students are eager to learn more about artificial intelligence and its various classes to serve reputable companies for the well-being of society. Several major universities and institutes offer access to the Master of Artificial Intelligence online due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Interested students do not need to visit campus as they can complete the program through a laptop and a smooth Internet connection at home. Let’s look at some colleges that offer masters of artificial intelligence to their students.

The best masters of artificial intelligence in 2021

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is one of the country’s first fully online artificial intelligence master’s programs. The e-curriculum consists of all aspects of artificial intelligence for the preparation, design and creation of important technologies based on artificial intelligence. There are ten courses for students with a certificate at the end of four courses. This university leverages its educational expertise through artificial intelligence to provide a solid curriculum such as NLP, robotics, neural network, computer intelligence and more. The online academic course is taught by prominent professors, researchers, scientists and engineers.

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Colorado State University Global

CSU Global offers students an online master’s program in artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn more about the potential impact of this field on society. The curriculum of the fully credited master’s degree program provides an opportunity to analyze and combine the principles of artificial intelligence with reasoning and uncertainty in a number of complex scenarios. It provides in-depth information on programming, software development and training in various fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, automotive and so on.

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University of Bath

This online artificial intelligence master’s course offers students the opportunity to learn more about the broad field of artificial intelligence in computer science and non-science. This online course gives students the opportunity to acquire the technical skills and confidence to face a technology-driven world. The online course includes an updated understanding of the future possibilities of artificial intelligence in the coming years. The student is able to implement low-level data processing functions in different programming languages. The faculty offers interesting video content, live interaction, and digital resources.

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Columbia University

Columbia University offers once a year from January ColumbiaX MicroMasters software for artificial intelligence. It is a professional and academic identification bulletin provided by to interested students. Lectures include video lectures, quizzes, assignments, interactive forums and more. It provides a professional certificate for registered students who can post it to LinkedIn and continue. Students will receive 7.5 course credits, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science projects consisting of robotics, animation, and the CGI movement.

University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool offers a full-time online master’s program for students interested in computing and artificial intelligence. It is a closed partnership with IBM’s trading partners and many major companies with lucrative grants. This online curriculum provides students with the skills to develop, design, and evaluate intelligent systems through in-depth learning and NLP. The web development program includes all kinds of software. Interested students can download the brochure to learn more about the master’s program.

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Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology provides a practical and accurate online curriculum for artificial intelligence master students. It includes machine learning, in-depth learning, computer vision, NLP and many more topics. It offers research projects that analyze financial data, medical images, social media, and launch an artificial intelligence career. This online master’s program requires students who can complete the course in three semesters plus a summer course.

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BITS Pilani

BITS Pilani will begin admission to the artificial intelligence and machine learning graduate program in August 2021. It is an 11-month program to develop a better understanding of artificial intelligence and ML and its various components. It consists of a rigorous curriculum that solves data science problems through online lectures and interactive forums. The student will gain more information about lasso regression, ridge regression, and the interpretability of predicted models.

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NIT Warangal

NIT Warangal offers an online master’s program in artificial intelligence and machine learning with Edureka. The vision of the program is to change careers with 450 hours of rigorous learning on the Edureka platform. The master’s program offers industry-level assignments as well as courses to prepare you to face a technology-driven world in reputable companies. There are more than 20 projects and more than 100 case studies to understand the field of artificial intelligence.

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IIIT Delhi

IIIT Delhi offers a nine-month PG degree course with 450 hours of program, including 310 hours of live interactive sessions and 140 hours of independent study and projects. The online course includes Python, statistics, math, business knowledge, machine learning, data science, big data, NLP, and many other areas of artificial intelligence. The application deadline is June 20, 2021, and classes begin in August.

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