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One Mother Nature is the best gift when the sun hits the earth almost right and provides the perfect glow for your photos. The golden feeling is only called in the two short windows of the day: at sunrise and at sunset.

It’s pretty awkward Get a magic hour, so if you plan to shoot that day, you may want to check out this tool. Photo printing company Inkifi has launched ‘Golden Hour Index‘, which reveals the exact schedule for taking those stunning photos that day based on where you live.

Calculator focuses mainly on UK cities, but Inkifi has also included the timing of potential travel destinations for 2021. To determine the golden hour for each location, the index finds out the times of sunset and sunrise sunrise-and-sunset.com. All you have to do is enter the location and date you plan to perform outdoors.

Of course, There are a few other things you can do to prepare for this photo-ready moment. For example, arrive before the scheduled time and check the weather before you get to the location.

You can check out the Golden Hour index here.

[via DIY Photography, cover image via Shutterstock]



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