Video is everywhere online; hosts platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo; social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as separate streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, all pump video content at breakneck speeds. And people are watching. In 2021, people will look at the average 100 minutes online video per day. This, from 84 minutes in 2019, offers video marketers plenty of opportunities to get to work.

The pandemic has made it difficult to shoot videos on the spot or in person, so video marketers have used, for example archive videos help them create new and interesting content.

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know the value of video in a marketing mix, but knowing and implementing are two very different things. This article looks at some of the trends that will affect video marketing in 2021.


The numbers speak for themselves, so let’s dive in and talk about what they mean for the rest of 2021. 83% of marketers we believe that video is becoming more and more important, this is not too surprising given the increase in viewing and video production, but it does mean that more and more advertising costs are and will be spent on online videos.

99% of marketers currently using video plan to continue using videos in the third and fourth quarters of this year, and 95% expect video consumption to grow. This should convince you of the importance of videos in marketing, but here too there is a warning sign.

There is a fear among marketers that the market will be oversaturated with videos in the same way that email overuse in marketing in recent years has been filled with spam folders and order cancellation buttons are raging. This means that it is important to separate your video content in the same way as your product. Publish branded content that attracts customers but also follows new trends in videos instead of looking like everyone else.

Video trends

Data, data and other information
It is no longer enough for companies to put in one content and assume that it has a huge appeal and gets the same response from all sections of the population. Giving information to guide your marketing efforts every step of the way helps deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right people.

Maximizing your return on investment is key, and knowing which platforms are best for reaching certain groups and what content works well for whom. The purpose of data drive marketing is not to stifle creativity, but to pay more attention, help segmentation, and evaluate effectiveness.

Ads can be targeted on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc., and with A / B tests to measure the relative effectiveness of content with different demos at different stages of the marketing channel.

Personal video campaigns

In personal video production, we’ve started to see some upswing as companies try to make closer connections with their brands. Personal videos make this connection by contacting viewers directly, often by name, because they know people are reacting and paying attention when they hear their name.

This sounds a bit like the scene of the Minority Report and indeed a little creepy, but there are good psychological reasons why this works. The person’s name is their favorite voice and by hearing something they like, they are coming. Typically, a video template is created to which CRM information is added. Look at this old but good Cadbury, it is full of emotion and undeniably effective.

Less end is more

In online video marketing, there has been a wisdom in recent years that shorter videos are viewed more, and thus are preferred over long-lasting videos. While it’s true to say that people watch shorter videos as a whole more often, it’s important to consider the relative value of the views. If someone is watching a video all the time and isn’t committed to content or a product, their chances of converting are probably pretty slim.

In 2021, some companies will move further into longer forms of video content, with the focus shifting from narrative, message quality and clarity to brevity. One study finds that 80% of videos are 5 minutes shorter but less than 30% commitment. Just think of Ted Talks, they usually run for 30 minutes and produce a huge commitment.

It’s good and good to know the value of a video, but to stand head and shoulders above others, you need to be wise about the latest trends and apply these distinctive videos through your marketing channel.



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