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Earlier this week, Nintendo released a Switch firmware update offering “general system stability improvements to improve the user experience.” Then, in what seemed like a first, issues arose and Nintendo discontinued the deployment, ultimately restart the distribution a few days later.

The issues from the original rollout were reported by Nintendo in connection with connectivity issues and issues when adding new microSD cards. However, some users are still experiencing issues with version 12.0.3 despite Nintendo’s updated rollout, with error 2123-1502 coming up when attempts to download games or updates fail.

We noticed a surprising number of users in the forum thread on that same website, and some are struggling to download games today. There is also a long reddit thread full of Switch owners with the problem and sharing potential fixes.

For those with noticeable and persistent issues, it is certainly worth contacting Nintendo Customer Service for assistance, while some are pointed to this page for a process to try. Some also report that when a download fails, they just keep selecting “retry download” and it finally works. In other cases, clearing your Wi-Fi settings and re-entering may also help.

It’s worth noting that this seems to affect an unlucky minority, but it’s not an ideal look for Nintendo – which has generally been very reliable with its firmware updates over the years.

Have you encountered this issue since Nintendo rolled out the fixed firmware update? Let us know in the comments.



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