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I am proud and honored to speak for the first time at Europe’s largest event focusing on the Microsoft community. I am traveling to Prague, Czech Republic to present at Experts Live Europe 2018 on 24-26. October.

With over 72 sessions, 6 tracks, 3 days of deep diving and 40 speakers, mostly MVPs known as experts in their field (SME). You will see the full list of sessions and speakers here.

Experts Live Europe is one of Europe’s largest community conferences focusing on Microsoft’s cloud, server center and workplace management. Top experts and MVPs around the world present discussion panels, expert survey sessions, and breakout sessions covering the latest products, technologies, and solutions. It’s a year to learn, network, share and make valuable connections.

Experts Live Europe is a quality community conference that lives on the contributions and ideas of the people in the community and knows the requirements and solutions of real life. Nonetheless, we try to present the latest and greatest content with the best speakers. The sessions will be presented with several live demonstrations and will go technically deep, mainly to level 300 or 400 (advanced and expert level). Participating in the Experts Live Europe program provides ready-to-use information and allows you to build and build long-term relationships with speakers and participants from around the world.

Speaking at Experts Live Europe 2018 in Prague @ExpertsLiveEU @itnetX_CH #ExpertsLive #ExpertsLiveEU 2

I am proud to present one session this year Azure backup.

With the introduction of a new European law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), the new era of data protection is forcing many organizations to identify and catalog personal data in systems, build more secure environments and simplify GDPR compliance management. Existing functionality in Microsoft Azure cloud services, such as Azure Backup, can pave your way and act as enablers of GDPR compliance. With the large amount of information in this all-connected world, there will be more information that needs to be protected. Azure Backup is a simple, secure, and reliable cloud-integrated backup service that provides backup and recovery data, whether local or cloud. In this session, you will learn more about integration System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM)and Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) in a modern Datacenter to protect your workload and become a GPDR hero.

It will be another two months until October, but I am already excited to introduce and participate in the Experts Live Europe 2018 competition.

I recommend joining this wonderful conference, so make sure you get the ticket as soon as possible before it’s sold out!

Speaking at Experts Live Europe 2018 in Prague @ExpertsLiveEU @itnetX_CH #ExpertsLive #ExpertsLiveEU 3

With VIP The whole conference, you’ll have access to the pre-conference VIP party “in the cloud” with food and drinks in a great outdoor location on Wednesday, October 24th. This is a luxurious opportunity to meet and wonderfully experience Experts Live speakers and create valuable connections with experts. Tickets are limited!

Speaking at Experts Live Europe 2018 in Prague @ExpertsLiveEU @itnetX_CH #ExpertsLive #ExpertsLiveEU 4

Until then … I really hope to see you in Prague in October!

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-Charbel Nemnom-


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