Picture through SpaceX

New reports have revealed that Elon Muskin SpaceX is preparing to provide in-flight Wi-Fi services to its aircraft through it Starlink satellite network.

Jonathan Hofeller, Starlink and Director of Commercial Sales told reporters that the space company was negotiating with commercial airlines to launch Starlink’s Internet service Inside.

“We have our own aeronautical product is under development … we have already made some demonstrations so far and we want to have the product ready for installation on aircraft in the near future, ”he said.

Currently Starlink mainly provides its Internet services to rural and disadvantaged communities. It sends a Wi-Fi connection to these communities via its 1635 low-Earth orbit satellite.

Its new an aircraft Wi-Fi service, it uses airline antennas that work in the same way as those used on Earth, but with better connections to aircraft in flight.

The company is planning connects each Starlink satellite with laser links that do not require recovery from ground stations. This would mean that planes flying over remote areas such as oceans or deserts could still receive the Internet during the flight.

Here we hope that as the journey continues, SpaceX is the answer to a faster, cheaper Wi-Fi network on flights.

[via Insider, cover image via SpaceX]



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