OpenStack Swift is an OpenStack project that provides cloud storage software that allows data to be easily stored and retrieved. This is possible through a simple application programming interface (API). If you want to take advantage of scale-built software, Swift is a great choice. It is optimized for usability and longevity to benefit the entire data set. Think of Swift as the best option for storing unstructured data that you want to grow without restrictions.

Today, we explore OpenStack Swift in addition to its key features and how it can be used in an OpenStack-based cloud. We dive into how Swift is scalable and accessible, reliable and secure, and how it can integrate seamlessly through OpenStack APIs.

Saving objects with OpenStack Swift

OpenStack Object Storage, also known as OpenStack Swift, manages the storage of large amounts of data in clusters over the long term. It is a cost-effective storage solution for your OpenStack-based cloud. Swift was one of the original OpenStack projects and is still very relevant today. Swift can be used to store, back up and archive unstructured data. Plus, this can be anything from documents, static web content, video files, image files, emails, and even images of virtual machines. Each saved object has metadata as part of the file’s extended attributes.

Let’s talk about features

Scalable and available

Swift provides a scalable infrastructure with high availability to store as much data as you need without having to worry about your total capacity in the long run. This cloud object storage offers the best in terms of service availability, supported by strong resilience and reliability. With Swift, you never have to fight for storage restrictions or accessibility.

Reliable and safe

One of the advantages of OpenStack Swift is that it is reliable and secure. Swift allows systems to store multiple copies of data in the infrastructure. Encrypted data travels over SSL, which means you can always access your data as securely as possible. A trusted cloud provider can help ensure that your information is SSL-ready. With enterprise-class security, you can rest assured knowing that your information is only available to those who need it. Users also benefit from the seamless integration of other OpenStack services through APIs and the use of the advanced control panel control panel. Meaning that your business can take full advantage of the API.

How to start

If you want to start with OpenStack Swift and take advantage of its many storage benefits, contact VEXXHOST experts. We help you get an OpenStack-based cloud from the ground and leverage relevant OpenStack projects to create a unique cloud to suit all your needs. We can support you at every step and make sure you get the most out of it OpenStack cloud. Whether you are a small business or a larger business, you have a custom cloud solution. Contact us today learn more about OpenStack Swift and what it can do for you in your new cloud ecosystem.


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