Summer is here in the northern hemisphere. If you’re looking for summer readings that you can give to elementary and high school students, ReadWorks is here for you.

Again this summer ReadWorks offers free summer reading packages that you can send home with your students. Free Summer Reading Packages are available with fiction and non-fiction articles for students entering first year of high school. Click on the fiction or non-fiction package for a note and it will open a PDF which you can print and distribute to your students. There is an option to download a package with reading comprehension questions for each grade level.

To preview, download and print the ReadWorks Summer Reading Kits, you will need to create a free file Read Work Account.

If this is your first time reading on Read Work, there is much more than just PDF packages. ReadWorks provides a comprehensive online environment for finding grade-appropriate fiction and non-fiction assignments and distributing them to your students. Here is a video preview how ReadWorks works.


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