If you’re looking for scalability in your cloud storage space, OpenStack Cinder is worth highlighting. Cinder users can reduce and increase their storage capacity dramatically without having to worry about expensive physical storage systems or servers. This means that companies and organizations can benefit from the best flexibility at lower costs.

Today we go through the basics of OpenStack Cinder. Continue reading to learn more about how Cinder block storage is an integral part of the OpenStack Starter Kit and how its block storage capabilities create a more versatile and secure cloud solution.

Let’s talk about OpenStack Cinder

For volume storage of bare metals and virtual machines, it is important that the integration is well compatible. In addition, Cinder is able to provide virtual machines using volume storage Nova. Meanwhile, Cinder can deliver bulk storage for bare metal through Ironic. This gives it the flexibility to work with both projects.

However, Cinder compatibility does not end there. Cinder is also Ceph-compatible, which means Cinder allows users to work with Ceph storage without the hassle of clouds. With snapshots of management functions, Cinder is able to back up the data stored in blocks. Restoring storage volumes or creating new block storage volumes is now possible with Cinder. In addition, Cinder simplifies code management by allowing users to use one code for each service. Cinder is able to manage all user needs and eliminate needs efficiently and easily.

Simplified management and secure communication

Users can simplify the management of their storage devices with Cinder’s simple API management. Implementing a single code for all back-end systems makes this possible. Therefore, instead of having to maintain a different code for each back-end system, it is possible to use a single code to facilitate the process. Cinder is a gatekeeper for all codes, allowing it to create volumes on different backgrounds. With simple integration, it is no longer necessary to create integrations between other services and their backgrounds. Ash becomes one way they can communicate securely.

Another way Cinder enables secure communication is seamless encryption. This gives users the best experience with OpenStack block storage and key management technologies. Cinder is able to integrate with key management so that it is possible to use the attached key to decrypt its contents when the server starts. Encrypted information is not accessible to anyone without a proper key. This means that your content will remain protected even in the rare situation that someone should take over the server.


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