Noise, hit and win – EUROMANIA – 1 BTC on the line!

For all the football fans there, we have great news – UEFA Euro 2020 is back!

The championship was on the bench all year, but now it is ready to play on the field. Just imagine all the excitement in the auditorium, the energy, the passion – definitely the most anticipated event in the sport.

This is a time when we trust our favorite teams so much that we can bet on their success in the Gold Cup.

And if we’re so sure, why can’t we bet right and get encryption for our loyalty? 1xBIT is eager to see which side we choose.

EUROMANIA is a 1xBIT football lottery with at least five prize stages, ready to open. These can receive free bets, mBTCs and up to 1 BTC in the main bar on July 13th.

The lottery is valid for the entire football season and only requires a 1xBIT your account and determination to predict match results.

Your bets on EURO 2020 matches will give you free lottery tickets to play at EUROMANIA, so don’t settle for one chance. The more you play, the luckier you can be.

Masters are made, not born. So don’t miss this opportunity!

About 1xBIT
1xBIT is one of the most entertaining krypto gambling sites there, especially for sports lovers. It has a great selection of bets, including:

  • Traditional sports: football, tennis, basketball;
  • Mental and precision sports: chess, billiards, darts;
  • Nature sports: Fishing, Horse racing;
  • Cycling: Formula 1, Keirin, motorcycles.

And so many others, including e-sports, martial arts and even weather forecasts.

Want to know more about it? Then be sure to follow them and get the best deals!



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