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Whitehall plays God and withholds a copy of the biblical ark of Noah because it does not believe the ship is suitable for the sea.

21,528 square feet Noah’s Ark – advertised as Europe’s first floating and traveling museum with biblical works – stopped in Ipswich, England in October 2019 after traveling from Denmark, Germany and Norway, and has remained there for more than 40 days. 40 nights in the holy book.

By New York times, The sheet was seized by the British Maritime and Coast Guard in November 2019. However, the museum remained open in Ipswich until March 2020, when the pandemic began.

Sir Aad Peters, the Dutch television and theater producer who owns the sheet must prove that a vessel without an engine can travel at sea. The structure is supported by a steel barge and must be towed for transport elsewhere.

The museum said that Peters did not have to register the sheet in the Netherlands because it is an “uncertified floating object”. Peters said VICE that the sheet also carried live animals, but they “caused too many problems.”

However, like it as it has no seaworthiness certificate and no evidence that its “coating, paint, surface treatment, surface or equipment” does not harm marine life, the UK authorities cannot request an exemption from the Dutch government for the return of the sheet.

Noah’s ark has reportedly taken a financial strike from this arrest. Refers to Ipswich star, New York times says the museum has been fined more than £ 12,000 ($ 17,000) from Ipswich Harbor and £ 500 ($ 708) a day since April 1 for blocking the seafront. According to the museum, the port will “significantly increase” daily fines if the sheet stays in place.

Picture through Archer All Square / Shutterstock.com

Picture through Archer All Square / Shutterstock.com

[via The New York Times, images via Archer All Square / Shutterstock.com]



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