The purpose of this post is to share with you a recent publication of the book: “Data Science for Economics and Finance: Methods and Applications“, written by Sergio Consoli, Diego Reforgiato Recoveryand Michaela Saisana.

The use of computer science and artificial intelligence in economics and finance will benefit researchers, professionals and decision-makers by improving the data analysis methods available to forecast the economy and thus make our societies better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

This book is a good example of how pooling the expertise of the European Commission, US and European universities, financial and economic institutions, and multilateral organizations can provide a common vision of the economic and financial benefits of computing. on the other hand, from a research perspective to policy evaluation. It showcases how data science is shaping business. It includes examples of new major data sources and some successful applications of advanced machine learning, natural language processing, web analytics, and time series analysis and forecasting in areas such as economics and finance. At the same time, the book calls for the introduction of these new applications in the economic and financial field so that they can reach their full potential and support decision-makers and stakeholders in the context of change in our societies.

The book is published entirely under the name Gold OA to reach a large audience. Here are the links:

This book is a continuation of another previously published issue of Springer entitled “Data Processing for Health Care: Methods and Applications”, Edited by Sergio Consoli, Diego Reforgiato Recupero and Milan Petkovic, who deals with the healthcare sector from different angles of data analysis.

Given the number of recent initiatives that are now moving towards data analysis in the economic field, we continue with this book by highlighting the successful applications of data science and artificial intelligence in the economic and financial field.

We believe that the topics covered in the book are of great relevance to the scientific community today and that the book would be an interesting chapter for the relevant audience to learn about the latest developments in these topics.



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